Lazy Panda – Amigurumi #1

So I did something really dumb this past weekend.

I was supposed to hang out with K on Sunday, and we planned to meet around 12:00 pm. Well, I thought it was a great idea to binge watch Archer the night before, and by the time I went to sleep, it was 9:00 am. Poor was texting me to wake up, and had to leave by 2:00. Well… I didn’t wake up until 2:30, and by then he was already on his way home. ( > _ < );;;

He says he forgives me, but I thought, “there has to be a better way to make it up to him.” I remembered the amigurumi panda he had hanging in his car, but it looked more like a sad puppy than a panda. I thought, “lawl I can do better than that.” That’s when I had the idea for this week’s blog:


Lazy Panda

Wait, Valerie, what’s that word you keep saying? Ammy-what?

Ah-ma-goo-roomie! (At least that’s what it said in the book way back when…) It’s a Japanese style of “crochet/knit stuffed doll.” They are just cute knit or crochet dolls. They can be of any character, animal, or even inanimate objects! There isn’t much to the technique: all you do is single crochet in rounds, without joining said rounds, so as to create a spiral texture.

Let’s make our first amigurumi together. We’ll start simple with the first plushie I learned to make: a little teddy bear. Teddy bears are timeless, which makes them great first projects and gifts! They’re also very easy because you can make one using any size crochet hook, any weight of yarn, and any colours you want. In fact, let’s add a twist: this bear will be a panda, and instead of sitting upright, he is being lazy.

This little guy is quite content to sleep on your pillow, couch, or any spot associated with relaxing. Or you can give it to your friend in the event that one of you sleeps through plans. 😛

..... <3

So… See you next week? ❤

Edit [07/07/14]: Sorry, I’ve taken this pattern down. I’d rather keep it to myself as a secret. 😛 Until then, I hope you enjoy the cuteness of Mr. Panda! Please keep following my blog for weekly doses of cute, and other DIYs!

Oh no, he slept through his date!

I put on my nice bow for this?!

Questions? Concerns? Corrections? Favourite spot to nap? Comment below!

Pika so happy~


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