Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon) – Amigurumi #2 … and other great news ^_^

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is now in theaters starting today! In honour of that, I’ve whipped up a little buddy to take along to the theater.**


Uhnf… Making your own patterns is a lot tougher than I thought it would be. A lot of improvisiong went into this little guy, and I’m yet to find out if double crochet would’ve made him turn out bigger, or sped up the creation process. But I think it’s totally worth the struggle of making your own plushie pattern when the end results turn out cute!

topSure, he’s not quite like the real thing, and I didn’t want to put the skull on his red tail until the glue dried. I got lazy and didn’t feel like sewing more felt to wool, which I don’t like to do anyway.

I sewed his legs loosely so that he could stand or lie down. His wings are made with felt so that it’s easy to roll him up and ship him out. For now he is going to sit in my bag, waiting to go see himself in the theater. :3

Awesome news part the second: after two weeks of limbo, my Etsy shop is finally up and running! This will be my first time running my own business of sorts. There isn’t much there at the moment, save for the Pokeball earrings. I will add things to the shop as requested. I get the feeling I will end up selling mostly earrings. Please bear with me as I figure out what goes where!

On that note, let me say that yes, I do accept requests! If you are reading this and thought of a character or object you’d like to see made into a plushie, comment below!

Toothless looks like he has no legs when he's lying down.

Toothless looks like he has no legs when he’s lying down.

Pika, so happy~

**Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Dreamworks Animation. This is purely a fan-made pattern, created by me.



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