Microwave Chocolate Cake – Dessert Days #1

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Maybe I named this blog a little preemptively. Although I specialize in knitting and crocheting plushies, I also like to do various other crafts. One of these includes cooking. From here on, I think I’ll call this blog Val Crafts. (ValCraft was taken by some real estate site.) This way, people know to expect more than just plushies. It’s useful to be a jack (or jill) of all trades! Er… crafts.

I had the house to myself yesterday, and had a craving for strawberry milk and chocolate cake. Everyone else hustling and bustling woke me up early, so I figured an early breakfast was in order. There’s something satisfying about waking up early, and successfully making the exact breakfast you’re craving. Maybe one day in the future I can make one for K. :3


Tastes better than it looks, I promise!

I found this recipe in the YouTube comments while looking for a new microwave chocolate cake recipe. I tried making microwave cake before, but it came out very dry, and because the recipe contained egg it was really difficult to clean the container afterward. I was looking forward to trying this new video recipe until I saw the comment saying that the cake in the video was no better. The person’s recipe was also a lot simpler and had a lot of likes, so I figured I’d try it out, instead.

And now, without further ado, let’s try this recipe:



4 tablespoons sugarIMG_20140626_081238091

2 tablespoons unsweetened cacao

4 tablespoons all purpose flour

2 tablespoons melted butter

2 tablespoons water (I used milk)

pinch of salt

splash of vanilla extract.


Toss everything in a microwave safe container and mix well.


Looks soooo appetizing.

It felt a bit too sticky, so I added another 1/2 teaspoon of milk.

Realized now I forgot to put in the vanilla and salt. Whoops!


Anyway, microwave everything for 1 minute.

It was still a bit too soggy, so I put it back for another 30 seconds.



Yes, that’s homemade strawberry milk. I used the remaining strawberries as a topping for the cake. Hey, don’t waste food!

Verdict: Nice and fudgy, not dry at all. However it’s also very rich, so it would’ve been nice to have whipped cream on hand. In fact, it felt more like eating a…. BROWNIE! 😀 And even though I forgot the vanilla and salt, it still tasted pretty good, but next time I’ll try not to be so negligent. Maybe it turns out even better when you add the vanilla and salt? 😀


*IMPORTANT: Make sure the batter isn’t too smooth and runny, or else you’ll end up with dry cake.


Back to knitting and crochet at last: my wrist is feeling better! It’s just too bad I’ve been using it to make this cute sweater I found on the Red Heart website. Dangit, Valerie, get yo ish together, Mr. Drippy still doesn’t have his lantern!

….whoops… was that a spoiler?

Ah, well, I’m going back to the sweater. The goal is to have a pretty new outfit by next week!

Pika for now!


Here’s the video with the original comment. The comment is from “Madison Lively.”


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