Whale Tissue Box Cover – DIY #2

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I deal with sadness by helping others who are sad. There’s no reason two people should be sad at any given time.

I’ve always had a bit of an aversion to crocheting flat, because it would get confusing with stitches disappearing. This means I would end up with fewer stitches than expected. (The patterns I used to work on didn’t put the number of stitches at the end of each row) When saw this pattern on my Facebook feed, however, I thought, “I HAVE TO DO THIS!” Few days later, I learned of something very sad. And so, this became a present to my friend, who we’ll call Tay. 😀


About Tay and the whale…

I once drew a whale on Skype that looked like this:


and Tay drew a fishy in return:


And then it turned into this:

._________.   vs.   <><     <><    <><
<><     <><    <><

Which is why I thought this would be the perfect present for Tay.

Yesterday was Tay Day. “______ Day” is what I call days spent with any specific friend, with the blank being filled in by their name. We went to the mall, where I had butter chicken poutine and he had strawberry kiwi froyo. He also bought some stylish everyday shoes. Hm… I wonder if shop therapy helped at all? We discussed why we were sad, and decided that life sucks, and we should not destroy the planet. I sent that message to Tommy. Yeah I don’t really get it either, which is why I love my boys so much. 😛

We went to the beach, where Tay proceeded to be an assassin on the rocks. Sadly, I didn’t have my phone with me so we’re not going to get any sexy rock-jumping parkour today. And I would’ve joined him, if only flippity floppy slippers would allow. He also showed me the rocks where he was sitting on Canada Day. One rock was called Tay’s rock, the other was Tommy’s rock.

Tay drove me home, and we had a bit of an adventure driving back, because I derped on the exits a couple times. We stopped in the park’s parking lot, where I finished the whale. When we got back to my place, we tried the whale out on an actual tissue box:


A perfect fit!

Pattern Verdict

I didn’t have the exact colour, but this light blue shade is kinda nice, too. Blue makes me feel calm and friendly. Maybe that’s why Facebook is so addictive with its blue logo; after a long day, it feels nice to come home and mindlessly browse. If the logo was red, I think that would only add more stress because the colour increases your heart rate.

And… okay yeah, I cheated and used double crochet for some rounds, instead of single crochet like the pattern said. I believe that the only reason the pattern specified single crochet was to make it easier to embroider the mouth and attach the eyes. I used 3D paint for the mouth and felt for the eyes.

This was a pretty easy pattern to follow. The most difficult part had to be adding the tail stocks to the flukes, but only because I derped and realized that the top of the fluke work was actually the bottom of the tail. The pattern said to attach the yarn to the top of the fluke, so you’re actually turning the fluke upside down, with the side with the active chains facing down, toward the stocks. Confusing? Yeah I’ll stop now.

This is a great project to make for someone who needs a bit of cheering up. When you give it to your friend, give them a big hug so that when they are sad and need a tissue, they will think of happy memories.

Here’s another thing: the whale can also be used as… a hat.


You fancy, huh?

And that ends another blog. I think the next DIY will be based on the outfit I wore.

Pika, so happy~

Here’s the original pattern: Get Whale Soon Tissue Box Cover


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