KK Slider – Amigurumi #6

Guess who made their first sale on Etsy?

Me—> 😀 <— This one!

But sheep on the farm, that shipping cost and time it takes… I don’t think I’ll be shipping outside Canada/US again for a while. Sorry world. 😦 On the plus side, at least we can continue to make the world plush here, right? That’s the joy of this blog – it’s FREE! Free to write, free to read, and free to share. Smile – the world can’t become plush with frowns. 😀

I’ve been inspired to finally finish this plushie. Remember East, the Kirby guy? Well, this was requested by his girlfriend, who we’ll call the Lady of the East.



This original KK doll was made from a pattern courtesy of Vivi at Philae Arts. No, this isn’t a plug, I just really like her work. I improvised the guitar myself, since her pattern didn’t have one. I also made the arms and legs longer so he could hold said guitar. Poor KK suffered “featureless-ness” just like Mr. Drippy, where I didn’t add the details until now.

I'm blind! AAAAAH!

I’m blind! AAAAAH!

What to say about KK Slider… well, my baby bro and I had a grand time playing City Folk when it came out back in 2008. Which reminds me, that was also the year of … SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL! To think it’s already been 6 years since then, and now the new one’s due this Fall… You know, it kinda bugs me that Zelda and Sheik are separate characters now. I mean, the fun of playing as them was to have two characters in one. And splitting up Samus and Zero Suit Samus? How’s ZS’s final smash going to work now?

Click image for source

… ahem, sorry, went a little off-topic there. Anyway, KK can play in the background of the Animal Crossing stage, which I’m sure we’ll see more of now that the AC Villager’s been added. I hope the Lady of the East will enjoy KK as much as her sweetheart enjoyed Kirby. :3 Hm… Kirby. KK Slider. Two K’s of love~ Or 3, if you count both Ks in KK.

East is a silly guy sometimes. Feels kinda blah that I won’t see him much this semester. He’s a bit of a bully too, reminding me of things I’ve been missing as of late. ;w; What are those things? Sorry internet, I don’t think we know each other well enough to discuss that just yet. I’ll ask East for a pic of Kirby and KK together when this gets out to him.

Short post this week, what with it being the last week of summer school. Now, it’s time to decide what to make next. I know the blog changed specifically to handle other DIYs and crafts besides plushies, but it felt strange doing two DIY posts in a row. Perhaps the next plushies will be Smash Bros. related…

East and Lady, if you’re reading this… Hi. 🙂


Questions, Concerns, Requests, Favourite KK Slider song? Comment below!

Wee wah, ohh baa wee~


Click here for the original pattern. (KK only)

Oh yeah, this deviantART account is also a thing. Yeah.


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