Super Mario Mushroom Earrings – Amigurumi #7

August sure is a dry spell for creativity. All I can think of is going out and having fun, instead of sitting at home and doing crafts. It’s also very surreal to return to school knowing that most of your old classmates won’t be around.

I hope Mr. Drippy is on his way to his new home by now. The post office didn’t include tracking, (though they would have… for +$60) so there’s no way for me or the customer to track his progress. It’s been a week, and the lady at the post office said to give it 3 – 5 weeks to arrive. Man, selling plushies over Etsy is a lot more stressful than I thought.

Maybe thinking of nice things will help. Earrings are nice. This week shall be round 2 of earrings.


These were the first mushroom earrings I made, back in second year. There was a lot of emotional stress going on, and I needed a change of pace in some way. Making things is a great way to blow off steam. If you don’t have a hobby already, I highly recommend a creative outlet like this. Especially hobbies that involve the use of pointed objects.

From classmates to restaurant waiters, I’ve gotten compliments for these earrings left and right! The first few came from classmates, many of whom became some of my favourite boys. And then came times when I was running to catch a bus, only to have a stranger stop and compliment the earrings. I once said to a friend’s father, while visiting said friend’s home for dinner one wintry night, “sir, these are the earrings your son fell in love with!”

As I’ve probably mentioned in my pokéball earring post, the problem with these earrings is that they’re quite bulky and heavy for my poor ears. Sometimes when wearing them, I feel the weight pulling down my poor ears. I’m not too keen on stretching my earlobes, so I had to make a modified version:


Top: First mushroom earrings, size comparison to the new ones.

In case you can’t tell, the new mushrooms were made alongside the Pokéball earrings way back when. I know, it took a couple years. As a matter of fact, these new mushrooms were made with a modified version of the Pokéball earrings; I changed up the bottom so that they would sit flat, rather than mush up like the old ones.

I forgot to write notes for the big mushrooms, so it doesn’t look like we’ll see a recreation of those ever again. *sigh* I plan to have the mini mushrooms in my shop within the coming week.


For the sake of comfort, I prefer the smaller mushrooms because my hair and backpack don’t get tangled in them as much. They aren’t stuffed with fiberfill either, which leaves them light. However, the bigger ones have all the sweet memories. They are my way of showing that even though some bad things happened to me, I won’t let them ruin my future. And they look super adorable on ginger legs.


Iz mashram.

Hm… I think that sort of worked. Though it didn’t help the writer’s block I’ve been experiencing.

Do you prefer big mushroom earrings, or smaller ones? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


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