Not today, dear…

Here are the major excuses why this week’s post will be postponed until tomorrow (Saturday):

1. I don’t have my laptop this weekend.

2. I didn’t finish the plushie yet.

3. Messed up sleep schedule.

4. It hurts. What hurts? Not today, dear Internet…

"Mess?" I call it, "nest of plushies-to-be."

“Mess?” I call it, “nest of plushies-to-be.”

Not to worry, next week’s post WILL appear on Friday as scheduled. Until then, I leave this question:

What kind of post would you like to see for Halloween?

I was thinking of a quick cosplay-themed post, though Halloween treat and decoration ideas are options, as well! If this year so far is any indication, the earlier the better when it comes to deciding/making the necessary things. Until then, goodnight world!

Pika, so happy~


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