WIP it up, WIP it out, WIP it hard

It was a bad idea to have three projects going at once. At least, in terms of getting them finished. Here are the 3 projects I have going so far:


#1. Batman Hand Warmers

This is my first attempt at intarsia knitting. So far, it’s not very fun. Well, at least the hand warmer part was easy.

Samples of the final image. I'm going to make the first image, on the left.

Samples of the final image. I’m going to make the first image, on the left.


#2. Mega Snorlax plush

How appropriate, since the new Smash Bros was released today! Now you can relive how it feels to have the Snorlax assist trophy  jump out at you. Here is the body compared to the mini prototype from last week:


Body of the big Snorlax, vs. the prototype


#3. Charmander

This body is going to be the end of me. I’ve ranted on this in the Torchic blog; I’m torn between making the tail attached to the body, or just making the two separate and sewing on the underbelly. Until then, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Pictured: Head and (tail?)

Pictured: Head and (tail?)



Oh yeah, Hyrule Warriors is out…

I HAVE SCHOOL TO ATTEND AND A BUSINESS TO RUN, NINTENDO!!! Y U DO DIS?! Well, guess I’m writing my Christmas list early.


And so ends another short blog post. I’m beginning to think I should make the new posts on Saturday, but no promises yet. Which project are you most looking forward to see completed? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


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