Christmas Crafts!

Whew… what a week. I almost forgot to post! Whoops. >_<

I think I got buzzed off brandy-filled chocolates. I couldn’t help it, they were dark chocolate! ( ; w ; )

Every year for Christmas, we make different types of sweets and give them out to friends and family. On Sunday, I made my specialty: marzipan shapes!

People really seem to look forward to these. They’re fun to make, but very time consuming and leave my shoulders sore from hunching over so long. Here are the shapes this year:


Clockwise from the yellow ones, this year’s recipients will get one of each: banana, strawberry, 1UP Mushroom, purple flower, blueberry, peach, cherries, bunch of grapes, candy cane.

The problem with marzipan is that it goes from soft and sticky to hard and crumbly in no time. I would mix colours and cross-contaminate them because some residue was left on my hands from other colours. Or I would return to a colour moments later, only to find out it was already hard and I had to knead it again. Sometimes I would snack on some of the marzipan, and it took a lot of willpower not to lick the butter knife after cutting the candy canes. (Bad habit that resulted from a childhood peanut butter craze) 2 hours and 2 sticky hands later, I was finished. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! I ate the remaining marzipan.

Many hours and a sore neck/shoulders later, these are worth all the little details.

Sore neck/shoulders are a small price to pay

Cute little sweets make great gifts. Try them yourself! For inspiration, try looking up polymer clay tutorials. Instead of painting and sticking in a hanging loop, you’re going to make these to eat. Use your imagination; think of it as working with play dough!

*NOTE: Marzipan is made from almonds. Beware of giving these to people with nut allergies. I think you can also make sweeties with fondant, but am yet to try.


I haven’t planned any creative posts for next week, what with Christmas and New Year coming up. The blog will be back full swing in the new year, so party it up now and come back January 3 to read and relax! Who knows, maybe there WILL be a post next week. Or not. Hey, spontaneity is what makes life exciting!

Are you going to make anything this year? Do you also have a “snacking” habit while cooking? Comment below! And from all (one) of us here at Val’s Crafts, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!

Pika, so jolly~


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