Hello Kitty Scarf – Amigurumi #15

Yes, the scarf itself is still a WIP. I wasn’t sure where to file this. On one hand, it’s a mini ami. On the other, it’s an incomplete scarf. Then I thought, “por que no los dos?” And then I went out for burritos.


This plushie scarf was inspired off the Monkichi scarf I bought from Pacific Mall, back when I barely knew how to make anything but teddy bears. Kawaii, ne? (Cute, isn’t it?) They also had Hello Kitty and Keroppi versions, but I went with Monkichi so that Senor Monkey could have a friend. This is going to be an entry to the January contest over on deviantArt. I will include the link below.


Left: Monkichi scarf from Pacific Mall vs. handmade Hello Kitty scarf


kittyYou know that feeling when you have a problem, wrack your brain for solutions to said problem, and in the end the solution was so simple you wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner? That happened here, when deciding how to wash the scarf if need be. The scarf could be stuffed into an old stocking or lingerie bag, but the last time I machine washed a plushie it smelled. And so I’ve decided to attached fasteners to the back of Kitty. Now I can have a fluffy scarf and Hello Kitty brooch. Yay!


Few years back, I made a Hello Kitty ami for a friend’s girlfriend. I didn’t finish it in time, haha… XP All I managed to finish were the head, ears, and body. Maybe it made a good stress reliever. Oh well, not like that relationship lasted anyway.

Hello Kitty was one of my first animes. I didn’t realize it was an anime until Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z became popular, and people started explaining the differences between anime and cartoons. To me, cartoons were cartoons; they were drawn and animated, characters did and said funny things, but there was still a clear semblance of a story/moral. The only difference to me was the way they were drawn. Anime characters were drawn with clean lines and simplistic animation, while cartoons were silly and exaggerated. Yet, anime and cartoons are like hard and soft shell tacos; I like both!

Kitty and Mimmy

Kitty and Mimmy

The English theme song went, Hello Kitty, play with us today, we’ll laugh and sing on this lovely sunny day. I spent my entire childhood thinking it was, “fluffy sunny day.” In my defense, the opening ended with a shot of a fluffy cloud that took the shape of Kitty’s face. So hah! Fluffy day! 😀

To those who haven’t watched it, Hello Kitty followed the adventures of Kitty and her twin sister, Mimmy. Kitty was outgoing and loved sports, while Mimmy liked reading and baking. For some reason, my favourite episode was the one in which they were dreaming of their ideal boy, and Mimmy meets hers the same day. He was sweet and liked reading, kind of like my type today. I’ve always related to Mimmy more, but I made Kitty because she’s the one everyone remembers. Don’t worry Mimmy, now that I’m a grown up, I’ll get all the nerdy boys for both of us.


And now, back to assignments. In terms of getting assignments done on time, this semester is already looking great. I finished two assignments early! Here’s to getting everything done on time throughout 2015.

This week, I will be resurrecting my game dev blog, Pika on a Blog. If you’re interested in reading about games in a more analytical light, click over!

If you’re interested in showing off your creative side, click over to Knitting and Crochet’s January contest. The theme is Sanrio, so if you want to make your own item, be sure to submit before the end of January! Even if you don’t win, consider it a great chance to receive exposure for your work.

What other character scarves and accessories would you like? How is school/work going so far in the new year? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


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