(Even more) EOS Cozies – Sanrio Theme

I did it.

I made more.


They don’t look perfect. I don’t care. They are cute and I love each and every one of them. From left to right: Chococat, My Melody, Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and Badtz Maru.

Before taking the picture, I rushed through a Pandapple cozy… and failed. Oh sigh.

Cozy on a cold winter's day

Nice and cozy on a cold winter’s day

My Melody flopped hard. Somewhere in between, I thought, “darrr wut r consistency?” Guess I ought to remake her, and Badtz. And maybe make Monkichi, to go with the scarf.


And now, time for some serious female nerd treason:

Growing up, I didn’t really like Sailor Moon. Yes, there was a time I watched it. No, I do not associate it with my childhood anywhere near as much as Hello Kitty or Keroppi. Even back then, it was clear Sailor Moon was not for kids our age. (6 – 8) Hello Kitty and Keroppi were considered “babyish.” (Again, this is came from 6 – 8 year olds.)I’d like to see how those kids reacted when My Little Pony became popular… Among grown men.

It’s ironic: we tried so hard to be grown up. And once we do grow up, all we want to do is be a kid again. I for one do not wish to be a kid again; I got bullied for watching anime, when apparently I should’ve been watching two rich girls make fools of themselves while trying to live like “simple folk.”


Which cozy do you like best? Which Sanrio character is your favorite? Comment below!


Pika, so happy ~


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