Clara (Princess Jellyfish) WIP – Amigurumi #16

Meet Clara. She’s a jellyfish from the anime Kuragehime. (Princess Jellyfish) Ain’t she sweet? Clara is about 4″ tall, making her approximately the same size as Squirtle. This was a request from real life Shoonie’s friend. She still needs her face and spots, so I just drew them on for now. She is about 4″ tall, which is about the same height as Squirtle.


I hadn’t heard of Kuragehime until the request. And with classes in full swing, don’t know if I’ll get a chance to sit down and watch a lot of it. From what I’ve gathered in my research, Clara is the pet jellyfish of the main character. It sure fulfils the stereotypes of a shoujo anime. I’ve managed to identify three: you have the cute animal mascot, (Clara) the crossdressing/androgynous guy (Kurako) and that one psycho bish who is not above making false accusations to get what she wants. (Shoko) Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t give it a try; heck, my favourite shoujo animes of all time fulfil these stereotypes. You have to consider that stereotypes exist for a reason, and in this case, the stereotypes work. I could sit here and rant, but then it will turn into Val Writes, instead of Val’s Crafts.


Making this plushie made me realize how fast time is flying by. This plushie is meant for my 15 year old cousin’s 15 year old friend. And then I read some of the stuff about Princess Jellyfish and thought, “…are they really old enough for this?” Then I realised, “…yes, they are old enough. Shoony is old enough. ;w; ” It’s a bit surreal to realise that you baby cousins and siblings are not babies anymore. As it is, real life Peck Peck used to be the tiniest kid in his class, and now he’s taller than me. ( ; w ; )


Squirtle, squirt? (“Where is your face?”)

In Canada, we have Family Day. It’s a pretty pointless holiday, but a day off is always appreciated. My school counts it as the first day of Reading Week, hence it’s an even more pointless holiday for us Uni kids. ;w; Worse things have happened during reading week, of course. Reading week 2013 was the week of the Harlem Shake. Yeah.

Know what jellyfish do remind me of? Spongebob. The 3D movie is out, and it actually looks passable, unlike those GameCube games that came out once upon a time. *shudder* Hm… This gives me an idea for next week. Oops, better not spoil. Sorry Shoony, no details yet. 😀

On an unrelated note. Clara can also be used as… a hat.


Clara: The Cutest Little Metroid

If Shoony’s friend is reading this… Hi Andrea. “Shoony” is the best cousin ever. She smells like good things, like chocolate and gingerbread and penguins. She is most certainly not high on sugar. I think. If she is, you have my permission to take away her shoons. 😀


What are you doing for family day? Do you like jellyfish? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


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