10 Things To Do on February 14th instead of being a Derpy Downer

You can Google search “why being single” and get laundry lists of reasons why it sucks/doesn’t suck. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s, Singles’ Awareness, Forever Alone, Friends’, or just Saturday, let this post be my present to you.

I prefer to celebrate Friends’ Week: Friends week occurs the week of February 14. Throughout the week, you take time to do fun things with your friends. If February 14 occurs on a Wednesday, it becomes Friends’ Day. It’s not very significant, it’s just  fun thing to point out.

February is a stressful month, what with assignments due here, midterms starting there, and new semesters in full swing errwhurr. Maybe you’re a fellow Forever Alone, and are tired of hearing “you don’t need a boyfriend/girlfriend,” or “you’re so lucky, I wish I was single.” (I’ve heard the latter too often…) And don’t you hate when the weather man says it’s going to be chilly outside, but it never happens and you’re left hungry all day?! That joke would’ve worked better spoken instead of written… See? The struggle is real!


So what can you do on Friends’ Day? Whether you’ve got a valentine or not, got friends or not, or got a quart of alcohol or not, here are my 10 things to do instead of sitting around moping about not having a Valentine. Right after this obligatory Archer reference, in response to saying “quart of alcohol:”


“A quart? This’s a fawty, shawty!”


1. Do something with your friends, that you don’t normally do. Get together and order Chinese food. Go bowling. Get pizza making kits and make the pizza the way you really want. If you’re of legal drinking age, rent some hilariously bad movies and play their respective drinking games. I recommend The Room by Tommy Wiseau. You know, “YOU’RE TEARING ME APART, LISA!” (***Important Note: Although the legal drinking age in Canada is 19, Val does not recommend this game to anyone under 21. Please read the rules and play responsibly!)

2. Make yourself a special snack. Take boring, storebought cakes and turn them into strawberry shortcakes. If you would rather make them from scratch, take a look at this video.


3. Make naughty jokes as you make said snack. Here’s one: “decorating  cake is a lot like sex: bigger isn’t always better.”

4. Bet you knew this one was coming…Cuddle up with plushies! Hugs not only feel good, but they are good for you! You receive the same benefits from hugging a plushie, as you get from hugging a person. If hugs don’t make you happy, you can just put on Pharrell’s Happy for the umpteenth time.

IMG_20150119_1129029505. Hug a puppy. I think people would be happier if they just took a second every morning to hug a puppy. The local animal shelter brought some cute doggies to visit our school a few weeks back. We also got free snacks and massages.

This one is called Edgar. He’s a doxie, one of my favourite types of doggies. When Abby the big rottweiler came, he started barking. Later I was carrying him, and when Abby walked by to drink water, Edgar went “grrrr….” I sang him a song called, “I’m so Edgar” by Doggy Azalea, and I think that calmed him down. There were 5 dogs in total. Here are two of the other dogs: Finnegan the Yorkie (aka Finn the Dog) and Abby the Rottweiler. Abby was very lovable; she kept going around to everyone and demanding love. She was shedding like crazy, too.

So doge. Such day. Wow.

So doge. Such day. Wow.

6. Have a nice shower or bubble bath. For those of us who spend the weeks waking up at 6 am, standing in crowded public transit, sitting in traffic, pulling all nighters, hunched over a laptop… you get it. There’s nothing like a nice, relaxing bath after a long week.

7. Exfoliate and shave your legs. It doesn’t matter if no one else will see it, just do it for you. If you get dry skin in the winter, use shaving cream and follow up with a good body lotion. Don’t forget to thank your leg hair for keeping you warm all this time!

8. Get a wax, just because. This one is more for the older readers out there. *cough cough* I had my first professional wax this week, and I can safely say that as long as you go in prepared and use proper aftercare, it’s not that bad. Remember to have a warm shower and exfoliate before going in, and wear loose fitting clothes.

9. Holla holla get $. If you’re currently feeling down about being single on Valentine’s day, think of it this way: now you have more money to spoil yourself! You don’t have to worry about buying someone an expensive gift, or receiving a gift you don’t like. And think of all the discount candy when Valentine’s Day is over! If you don’t have money, now is the time to put in extra hours at your job, or to start a new job. In my case, this is the peak season for people buying cute things for their sweethearts. Yeeh son.

10. Be silly. This one should come natural.

How did you spend Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day, Friends’ Day, Singles Awareness Day, or something else? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


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