Charmander – Amigurumi #17



It’s finally finished.


tailAs you may recall from an old post, I was struggling to get Charmander just right. The tail was giving a ton of grief because I was trying to make it a single piece with the body. I gave up making everything as one piece. Instead, I made the head and body together, and sewed the tail. This was much easier, and hey; Squirtle was made in a similar way. As for the tail, well… I got lazy. Peck Peck suggested I use coloured fluff. (Stuffing) The problem is that the stuffing is very wispy and made of tiny little fibres that get everywhere if not handled properly. Though this does give me an idea for a sheep plushie…

churrWhen I was a wee little Pichu, there was a girl in my class called Anjy. For reasons I no longer remember, whenever I saw her I would go, “Kitty!!!” and flip her hair. (This was long before I met Torchic’s owner Kitty) She also used to make really good Squirtle impressions, and she owned a Charmander doll named Twizzler. Fast forward a few years later to high school, when Jarhead and I got bored in Law class one day. We were doodling, and she said she wished she could draw Charmander because it was one of her favourites. So I drew a derpy Charmander. It looked like this:

Squirtle now has a little companion. And of course Bulbasaur will be added to the mix. Peck Peck called me a genwunner (Gen One-er) but that’s not true; I like gen 2, as well. -_-; Everybody seems to like Charmander the best. Am I the only one who liked Bulbasaur? Hm, I’ll save that mini rant for the Bulbasaur post.


If Anjy is reading this… Hi Kitty. 😀 *flips your hair* I wonder if she still has Twizzler? I would laugh so hard if one day, Jarhead dressed her little girl as a Charmander. XP

Speaking of kitties, Kitty Kitty is now engaged to a Bear with red hair. That rhyme was unintentional, but she does have red hair. So in other words, he turned on his charmander pants came off. Heh? HEH?! 😀

*wind blows the tumbleweed*

I know, another short post, but I have a good reason: I spent all of reading week playing The Last of Us. And let me say, it’s just as feel-ful as you may have heard. Clickers suck, though. Now I’m going back to play a bit more, so I’ll leave you with this contemplative Charmander. And yes, this is the current view from my window. Winter: Canadian youths’ #1 excuse to stay in and play video games. Don’t worry, Charmander’s tail will keep it warm.



Questions? Concerns? Requests? Massage-giving tips? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


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