Navi and other Fairies (Legend of Zelda) – Amigurumi #18

Clara the Jellyfish was well received. It seems another one of Shoonie’s friends saw the jelly and decided she wanted a Navi plush. And well, I aim to please.



Ugh, I hated these wings. I charged less since Navi didn’t require special felting or details. She also turned out a bit bigger than I anticipated. Once I shrunk the pattern down, she became as wide as the jellyfish was tall. For $10, I think that sounds like a reasonable size… Also, Shoonie is now my PR representative. 😀

Of course, I couldn’t make Navi without also making Tatl and Tael. You know, it wasn’t until years later that I realized…

Tael doesn’t look right, because my phone thinks dark purple is blue for some reason. Or is Tael really blue, and we just think he’s purple? Is the dress blue and—-*BANG* NO! NO MORE OF THIS DRESS! TAEL IS PURPLE!!!



Tatl and Tael are looking out my window, planning to knock you off your horse.


The 3D remake of Majora’s Mask was released this month. I already have the original on collectors edition. Wot wot. I’ve always played Majora’s Mask in a very orderly fashion. So when I tried to watch an LP of it, I got annoyed with how the guy kept missing all the stuff that was RIGHT THERE. I also had a habit of resetting the clock and trying to clear all the sidequests again before going to the final battle, only to forget x,y,z. Ah, video game OCD, y u do dis? This is why I couldn’t do speedruns.

Of course, I’ll also be making a pink bottle fairy. These will be available on Etsy as of next week.

That’s all for this week. Not sure what to make for next week… I really just want to put these fairies on Etsy.

Tael under better lighting

Tael under (somewhat) better lighting

What other coloured fairies have I missed, that you’d like to see? Have you played the original release Majora’s Mask? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


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