A Delicious Week

This week hasn’t been very plush. But at least I finished this Deku for Shoonie’s friend:


I think he looks like a pineapple head.

Someone once said, “The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” I can confirm that the same holds true for women. Food happened quite a lot this week. Yesterday was “National Cheese Pizza Day” in the US. I’m not American, so this week I celebrated “Crazy and Nommy and Deliciously Awesome Entrées and Treats Day… S.” Or, “CANADA EATS” for short.

Let’s start this celebration party with a recipe: Ponyo ramen noodles. Here is a step-by-step picture guide for making ramen noodles just like Sosuke’s mother made in the movie, Ponyo.

Step 1: Place noodles in a bowl.


Step 2: Pour boiling water over the noodles.


Step 3: Cover with a plate, close your eyes, and set a timer for exactly 3 minutes. No peeking!


Step 4: When time is up, open your eyes, remove the plate, and enjoy!


You can also make this in a mug. Just break the Noodles to fit, and cut smaller sized toppings.

Now let’s talk about simple foods made better.

Homemade bread is great, and even better when it’s rainbow colours! I only used four colours, because colouring the dough is a very messy and time consuming process. M made sandwiches for us using the bread. You know he’s a keeper when he makes YOU a sandwich. XD


I made this rainbow bread using yoyomax12’s recipe. Be sure to check out her channel for more rainbows!


The night before, we went downtown to a well-received Italian restaurant. This is where I first tried legit gnocchi. I had no idea that gnocchi was supposed to be so… Soft! Unlike store bought gnocchi that are more like dense, chewy pasta, these were squishy and melted in your mouth. And best of all, I didn’t get a tummy ache from the cheese sauce! It’s such a shame I didn’t have my phone. It was such pretty looking gnocchi.

And that concludes this food blog. Am I a foodie yet? No? Oh well, I still got to eat delicious food.

What’s next on the menu? Comment below!

Pika, so happy ~


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