Mini Top Hat – Amigurumi #29

Top Hat’s birthday was last week. Since I was going to Oshawa (Peck Peck: “–T!”) that week, I made him this little present: a hat for his sheep.


This hat was quick and easy to make. I had to change up how I usually work the shaping: instead of stitching through both loops, I worked through the bars. This gives the hat its cylindrical shape, rather than a rounded shape.


As the name implies, Top Hat is known for the top hat he always wears. He’s also known for his sheep plushies. (Peck Peck: “Ewww, that sheep’s so creepy looking!”)


Actually, Top Hat introduced me to M. I went to visit him one day, (with Huggie Buddy’s permission, of course) and it just so happened that his cute roommate joined us in the fun. Top Hat made us bacon, and French toast with cinnamon and maple syrup. We played board games, and watched Galaxy Quest. When I was leaving, M looked sad. I gave them both hugs, and stayed an extra 15 minutes chatting with them at the door.

This top hat inspired me to make additional sheepie hats. How about a fez, and matching bowtie?

And best of all, the hats are not just for sheep.


What other hats would you like to see? Have you tried making hats for your plushies? Comment below!

Pika, so happy ~


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