Getting Back in the Habit: Drawing Challenge Day 1

For the Shoonie and Top Hat who still read this blog, you will know that I turned 25 at the end of May this year. Which means this blog has been active for two years.

Make that a year and 9 months. Yuck! I don’t like being an adult; all you do is go to work, and even on your days off, you struggle to wrangle your friends together for some relief.

I’m not going to make any more excuses as to why there haven’t been any new posts. So instead I will find excuses to make more posts. Let’s go back to the creative roots where it all began: with drawing.

I used to draw all the time… and then I got a laptop. Sigh. Top Hat suggested I try an art challenge to get back in the swing of things. You’ve likely seen 30 day fitness challenges floating around the internet: the end result is to have toned muscles, reduced body fat, and a general improved state of well being by the end of day 30. But why should big butts and toned abs have all the fun? There are all kinds of challenges, from reading and writing, to daily puzzles, and of course exercising. If you miss one day, don’t worry. Just pick up from where you left off, and continue.

I picked this drawing challenge because it had the cutest mascot in the corner. If you’d like to try out the challenge for yourself, here is a link to where I found it.

One way to get things done is to break it up into smaller, more manageable tasks. This drawing challenge is nice, because it encourages you to simply draw one thing per day. And it doesn’t have to be good… but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be good, na’am saying?

For the next few blogs, I’d like to talk about these 30 day challenge drawings. I chose the things for a reason, and hope you will enjoy reading about them.


Entry #1 – Yourself



So what to say about this self-portrait? How about, “this is the first thing I’ve drawn in ages.” You might recall the derpy little avatar I’ve drawn in other posts, but this time I drew it using pencils and ink, not the tablet. This is due to the fact that my tablet (which still works beautifully, despite being over 6 years old) cannot be installed on my new laptop. And so, I took out the huge box of coloured pencils I bought from Staples (so you know these things are even older than the tablet) and coloured the drawing myself. Sadly, I might not be able to get Photoshop and my tablet installed on this laptop. As one classmate said, “CDs?! What is this, 2010?”

Sigh. It’s a bit disappointing to see my drawing skills haven’t really improved since high school. Then again, that was the last time I truly sat down and drew for fun. I also cropped the feet, because how do I feet? I also tried colouring, but something just always feels wrong about the way I shade. I mean, it doesn’t look right. Perhaps it’s time I looked up Prisma colour tutorials.

This challenge is going a lot slower than expected. But I’d like to think it’s at least breaking out of the rut. Hey, there’s a post this week, isn’t there?

It appears that the knitting and crochet clubs on dA have been quiet, as well. But with recent events, they are back in business and have an appropriate contest going on! Here’s to hoping we can get in an entry!

What do you think should be the contest entry? What do you think day 2 holds? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


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