Doctor Who TARDIS Min-Finity Scarf – DIY #6

Now you, too, can time travel in style!

While perusing Facebook, I happened upon patterns for “shoulder cozies.” These are the perfect accessories for Canada’s fall/winter clash. Some days it’s hot, some days it’s cold, some days it’s rainy, other days it’s windy. One thing remains constant: no one knows what to wear each day, and as a result people are getting sick. I’ve already got TARDIS booties to protect my feet, so why not have a cozy to match? I keep this in my work bag, so if we’re beset by a surprise snowfall, I’m prepared.



This cozy turned out a lot bigger than expected. So big, in fact, that I can’t get it all in a single frame. x_x Perhaps I misjudged the necessary gauge and pattern stitches, because the TARDIS motifs are more visible from the back, than they are from the front.

For a while now, I’ve associated myself with Amy Pond, the girl who waited. I’ve spent a lot of time waiting, as well. I waited for M to come home, so we could watch the season 6 finale together. I waited with anticipation on the Megabus, to go to Top Hat’s house. I waited until now, and still haven’t watched the season 7 finales, even though M is “busy.” I think what kept Amy waiting was hope: hope that there was something better in store if she waited. And indeed, there were better things in store. But when the Doctor returned, Amy was older, and really upset with him for making her wait. I don’t think anyone should wait 12 years for something great to happen.Within a year’s time, so much can change. After 12 years, you may not even want that thing you waited so long for. Heck, after 12 months, you can change so much. But I’m sure a little patience never hurt. If you must wait, at least find something fun to do in the mean time.

There was another contest on deviantART this past month, the theme simply being “make a scarf.” This failed shoulder cozy can be both a scarf, hood, shawl, and cozy. It is called a min-finity scarf, because it is shorter than a regular infinity scarf. I personally would have preferred it to be longer, so as to fit more comfortably. Though it didn’t win any place in the contest, the mini-finity scarf did receive quite a few likes, and I now have something cozy to wear. Perhaps the best things in life, are created from accidents and failures?


Three ways to wear. Left to Right: scarf, shawl, hood

And yes, those are the 10th and 11th Doctors on my shirt. The 9th and 12th are hidden by the scarf.

That’s all I have to say about this scarf. Here, have a relevant Family Guy clip. I don’t remember the last time I laughed this hard at one of their jokes. (On my own, anyway ^_^; ) I looked it up and yes, that is David Tennant providing the voice for the Doctor. I guess the TARDIS is smellier on the inside? Don’t worry, this scarf will be aired out. 😀

It’s nice to actually do some needlework this week. I do have another ami ready, but it’s a secret. What could it be? Tune in December 17 to find out!

Are you keeping warm? Which is your favourite Doctor? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


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