So…Where have I been?

Happy New Year 2018!!! I’ve been MIA for the last few months of 2017.

Let me explain where I’ve been for the past few months: I got into art college! As a result, I’ve been drawing and animating all semester, even during the 5-week-long, province-wide strike. Thanks to that strike, our semester ended in the middle of January, and we are now into the second semester. Goodbye, reading week, you will be missed… 😦

Here are some of my workings from these past semester.

Life drawings

Yes, they were real live nude models. Come now, we’re all adults here.

Remember the golden rule of life drawing etiquette: don’t chatter, take pictures, or laugh during life drawing. It’s distracting and disrespectful to the model, as well as to your fellow sketching artists.


After impromptu sketching a classmate, you really appreciate the skill and patience models have, to hold perfectly still.

I quite liked our female model. Her curves were soothing, and fun to draw. Although I didn’t like some of my classmates’ reactions to the models: “why can’t we draw hot people?” As animators, we will be required to draw people of various ages, genders, races, and body types. We shouldn’t limit ourselves to the chiseled Adonis, or the wide-eyed anime girl. I could probably write an entire post, about why teachers “don’t like Anime.”

Speaking of which, I’d like to think life drawing has encouraged me to break out of my limiting box. To aspiring artists out there, remember: even the best manga-ka have an understanding of human anatomy.


Character Sketches

A term you will learn about is silhouette. Indeed, all characters have distinct silhouettes. For example, even if I showed you this silhouette, you already know who this is:mickey

Similarly, we studied silhouettes and designed characters. This is Frank McLauchlin, a “goofy” archetype character I designed for assignment purposes. Because of his design, Frank is capable of pulling humourous body language and poses. Here he is falling down, surprised, chilling, running, and hungry:



Ah, modelling…I have a love/hate relationship with Maya, and the things it entails. I made a sword, though. And a Master Sword! (Click for the original concept art source)

Oh, and I made a house.



Unfortunately the playblasts refuse to cooperate with YouTube. But I did animate a bouncing ball, follow-through actions (tail wagging in response to the bouncing motion) and other neat things. You’ll just have to take honsest PiBaa’s word for it.



It’s really happening, guys. I’m finally on my way to make great artwork, and animation. Let’s keep making the world plush…and animated!

Pika, so happy~


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