Altair Sackboy – Amigurumi #5

*sigh* I was hoping this week would entail a more interesting post, but it looks like it’ll just be a throwback. I introduced this guy in the very first post, but didn’t go into detail about him. I made two, one for each friend, but with different skintones depending on what was available.

These were fun to make. I’m glad they asked for Altair because he was much simpler than Ezio, and I didn’t have blue to make Connor. It’s kinda silly how image/reference searches for Altair turn up results for Ezio. No really, try it: Google “Altair sackboy” and the most relevant results turn up Ezio Sackboy, instead. XP;



Here is the first Altair Sackboy. He was a present for an adorable ginger. Let’s call the ginger Derpston:

Altair likes his new home.

Altair likes his new home.

Like most of the doevs, I met Derpston in second year. He was friends with this Nova Scotian who I maybe-sorta-kinda had a crush on. XP; He ninja’d my Skype name from said guy and I drew him a Pika:

^     ^
(o ‘ x ‘ o) Pika…

He said, “Wild Pikachu appeared! Trainer used PokeBall!”

To which I responded:

“Bloop…. bloop…
^        ^
(o > x < o) PIKAAAAA!
“Shoot, it appeared to be caught…”

Then he got frustrated and threw a rock at Pikachu.

^      ^
(o – x – o)#     Pikachu got angry!

And then he threw a Master Ball. Pika was mad.

^    ^
(o ‘ o’ o) (O))))))) Pika mad Bro!

Cue the lame C++ jokes:

cout << “Give a name to the captured Pikachu?” << endl;

cin >> name;

name = “Derpston”;


…yeah. XP;

There was a bit of drama going on behind the scenes, but Derpston was sweet nonetheless. Hence he’s called the adorable ginger. There was a moment in time where he blocked me on Facebook due to the drama, but we reconciled in the end. He’s fun to hug. I like it when he smiles.

About a year later, Derpston became very sick. He had to go to the hospital for a medical procedure. I decided to make a present for him to cheer him up. And so, Altair Sackboy was born. Altair took the bus to his new home:

Altair Sackboy riding the bus to his new home.

Altair Sackboy riding the bus to his new home.

When he received Altair, Derpston smiled. Success! Altair managed to give his heart to Derpston!

We spent the day together, played Mortal Kombat and DMC with a female lead. (Er sorry, Bayonetta) Later, we went for lunch and discussed a lot. On the way, I pointed out the nearby restaurant where I went with the friend I maybe-sorta-kinda had a crush on. During lunch, the topic changed to our other friend, Chow Chow. Derpston said, “You know, I figured out what you and Chow Chow have in common: you both used to have a crush on the Scotian. 😀 ” I lol’d. Ugh… a big black spider landed in Derpston’s hair. I was nervous, but he just flicked it out like no big deal. To this day, I’m not sure if he’s brave or crazy. He says both. Out of the blue, I gave him a kiss on his forehead so he would be blessed. I think it worked; not only did the procedure go well, Derpston now has a sweet lady at his side. Word is she’s a great cook. Maybe she can make cookies for me one day. Or maybe I’m just hungry.


Fast forward to this past year, when I made the same Sackboy for my favourite Frenchie:

Altair II riding in the cold to his new owner

Altair II riding in the cold to his new owner

I felt inspired to make this after posting a picture of a Link Sackboy. When said Link Sackboy came to school, Frenchie got bored, put Link in Iron Man’s hood, and made bunny ears for him. Frenchie’s brother commented, “I want it!” And so, I made Altair for Frenchie. Frenchie is friends with Tay, from the Whale Tissue Box post. Together with Iron Man and Connor, the group is called CATT because of their first initials. Frenchie looks like a skinny bones, but he has a low voice. It’s kinda funny. I like to say he smells, as per the stereotype about French people and bathing. (Or lack thereof) Don’t worry, he does smell fine, it’s just fun to tease him. :3 He’s currently being a silly smelly French guy who is too busy to play. Such is life… *le sigh*

That shall be all for today. As for how the guys felt about their Sackboys:

Left: He smells. Right: "DIS GUY!"

Left: He smells. Right: “DIS GUY!”


Altair is copyright the Assassin’s Creed series. Sackboy’s Altair costume was designed by me.

If you want to make your own Sackboy, click here!

Questions? Comments? Which version of Sackboy do you prefer? Which Assassin is your favourite? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


Hello! As you can probably tell from the title of this blog, my name is Valerie, and I like knitting and crochet. Before you tell yourself, “oh, this is just some old lady blog about making sweaters,” NO! I’m actually just a game dev student trying to stay sane via hobbies. :3

That’s why this blog exists. It will be dedicated to artsy adventures, told through stories, pictures, and maybe even videos. ;3

Although it’s called “Plushies by Valerie,” it won’t just be about knitting/crochet plushies. I will also be touching up on sewing. Though I’m not very good at sewing, I do dabble in it from time to time. In fact, some plushies I’ve made have sewn-on clothing.

Case in point: Sackboy from Little Big Planet dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda:

Link Sackboy

Link Sackboy

Which lead to the creation of Sackboy dressed as Altair (Assassin’s Creed):

Altair Sackboy enjoying his new home

Altair Sackboy enjoying his new home

As some of the plushies I make are taken from other sources, I will include a link to the pattern as well.* I sell the actual plushies, not the patterns. In the future, I would like to create my own patterns. Of course, I will gladly release some patterns for free on this blog!

Even if you don’t know how to knit or crochet, I hope you will follow along for the stories, if not just to take a cute plushie break from the otherwise hard, ugly world.

Until next time, this is Valerie, signing out~


* This is where I found the Sackboy knitting pattern 🙂