Pixel Art: Muffet (Undertale) – DIY #7


Beadwork is a lot harder than it looks. Gone are the days of being five years old and simply stringing brightly coloured plastic beads onto an elastic cord. These are the days of painting 1 mm beads, (millimeter, for those outside Canada and Europe)  and then weaving them in such a way that they remain firm.

Top Hat requested Undertale-themed earrings for one of his nieces. And because the internet can never have too much Undertale fanart…


muffet-gridAs usual, pixel art is easier said than done. Fortunately, Muffet is already drawn in pixels, so it was simply a matter of transliterating the large image to GIMP, with a visible grid. Doing so resulted in a product that was about 36 beads long.

Well…that turned out to be waaaay too long.

img_20161218_211049167So there I was, hunched over a puddle of tiny beads and a single, flimsy beading wire, with only the soothing melody of Danny Sexbang’s vocals as company. Because the wire was a shiny gold colour, it kept getting lost, or mistaken for a stray thread. I always found it in the end, touch wood, but it was time consuming. After about an hour, this was all I had accomplished.

Let’s take a break to enjoy this amusing incident that occurred during this time.

Me: *singing aloud* “Taaaaake…onnnn….meeeee~”
Top Hat: “Take me on? :D”
Me: “Yep, it’s the NSP cover!”
Top Hat: “NSP?”
Me: “Ninja Sex Party.”
Top Hat: “…”
Me: “Lawl it’s a band.”
Top Hat: “So there are sexy ninjas playing instruments?”
Me: “Well, only one of them is a ninja.” (Ninja Brian)
Top Hat: “That’s such a lonely party!”

img_20161219_123558782Finally, I could take no more. This chintzy wire was good and fine for getting through those too-tight beads, but it was flimsy and kept getting lost. Fortunately, Mother Top Hat has lots of craft supplies. Including steel beading needles! Things went a lot faster with these needles. It was nice to sit next to Top Hat, while we worked on separate projects. Except the part where I stabbed myself in the throat with a needle, that hurt. X_X With the needles, this is what I accomplished in less than 20 minutes. Note that it’s a lot neater, as well. The trick is to work one side at a time, and finish that side before returning to the other.

At long last, I was finished. And then Top Hat pointed out, that Muffet has eight legs, not six. And this is why I ‘humphed’ at him. Which really wasn’t a good thing, because then he got more pictures of me going ‘humph.’

At this point, I was so tired and wanted to spend the last night doing something besides working. So the earrings now look like the finished product, shown above.

After posting the earrings to Facebook and Instagram, Huggie Buddy posted this in the comments. Super! Just as I said I didn’t want to look at beads for the rest of the year, all my brain could think of now was, “MAKE MORE CHARMS!”

1482428044245Upon returning home, pink beads and a pack of needles in hand, I set to work on a full-size Muffet. And here’s her progress, two days and a stiff shoulder blade later. When it’s finished, I’m going to send this to Top Hat, as a supplementary gift alongside the derpy earrings. Maybe it can be a window charm?

Next week will be the blog no one waited for: the time capsule! I don’t remember what I wrote in it, but hopefully I stuck to at least half of those resolutions.

From all of us at Val’s Crafts, Pika Plushies, Pika’s Penguin Production Company, and so on so forth… Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year 2017!

Pika, so happy~


Penguins – Amigurumi #14

Bonjour. Je m’appelle Monsieur Pingouin. Et voici ma petite soeur, Pinga. (Translation: Hello. My name is Mister Penguin. And this is my little sister, Pinga.)


On behalf of Val, we apologize for not posting the blog last week. Us penguins take a long time to type, because we don’t have fingers. Also I, M. Pingouin, like to speak odd words and phrases in French, because I am classy that way. Here is an idea of how small we are, compared to Val’s hand:


We had a fun week at school. My little sister and I moved to a new home.* We now live with Val’s friend, East. She gave us to him as payment for the dark chocolate donut. We also count as “penguin insurance.” Next time Val is hungry but does not have money, East can buy her food. 😛


Luckily, Val remembered to take a picture of the donut before eating the fancy details.


This is my cousin, Lila. She is a light purple penguin. She gets photo bombed a lot.

Oh Shoonie... XP

Oh Shoonie… XP

This is my other cousin, Shoonie. We call her Shoonie because she likes shoons.



A shoon is a spoon that looks like a shovel. She learned that from the video below. The video is also the reason why there are so many penguins here today. It’s also why Shoonie demanded that we, the penguins, write Val’s blog post for her. We need to take her away from DIY videos…

Here are Lila and Shoonie with their baby brother, Peck Peck. He doesn’t have a beak, but he still loves to peck. He went to one of Val’s group members, as payment for a bottle of Midol.*

Be well, little one. The Midol is worth it!

Be well, little one. The Midol is worth it!

*Val’s note: some penguins are looking for new HOMES! If you would like one for your bag, Christmas tree, or just a cute little friend to look at, message me on Etsy for more information. Merci pour votre patience ces semaines! (Thank you for your patience these weeks!)

Do you like to eat fish? Which do you prefer about sliding down ice bergs: the slide, or when you splash into the water? Comment below!

Pika, très hereuse~

Torchic (mini plush) – Amigurumi #9

Be me, back to school for the year.

Realize there’s a Zora’s chance on Death Mountain that you’ll pass one particular class.

Pray that your attempts to get out of said class will be successful – it’s all you can do right now.

Regain your social life.

Get thank you hugs for bringing your copy of Cards Against Humanity to the board games club.

Reunite with Iron Man, hug him, and never want to let go.

Remember you have pizza night with the girls (oh, and Kitty) in two days.

“Where has the week gone?!” I cry.


This week was supposed to feature Charmander. And then I realized that making Charmander from scratch was a lot easier said than done. The reason Squirtle was so easy is because Squirtle is fairly round and made up of spherical shapes. Charmander, on the other hand, is more asymmetrical, since it’s based off a lizard. Spherical shapes are much easier to form, while oblong shapes like the ones I used for Charmander’s head and body have to be just right in order to look convincing. Much ripping out occurred.

And holy sheep on the farm, the tail. THE. BLOODY. TAIL. If you look carefully at the official art, Charmander’s yellow belly spot extends onto its tail. I like to keep my plushies as true to the original material as possible, so I began trying over and over to get the tail just right. First I thought about making the tail separate from the body and sewing the tummy/tail panel on seperately, and then I thought about trying to attach the tail as one piece to the body…

Yeah, this is one project I’ll put on the back burner until further notice.

Fortunately, I remembered that this week is very important, and therefore I had a backup project!


I’ve mentioned Kitty in a few blogs, and this one is no exception. This bonus is dedicated to him because this weekend shall be his last weekend in Canada. *sad face* We are going to spend an evening having a pizza dinner with some old friends. I made him this as a present:


It’s a wee baby Torchic! Kitty’s not big into plushies, and yet it didn’t feel right sending him off without something to help his world stay plush. He also likes Torchic because, “it’s the cutest [fluffy] chicken. ;w; “And so, this little “baggage buddy” was born. I tied a chain loop on the back, so you could tie it to something. The loop was inspired off the little Winnie the Pooh cell phone charms you can get in gacha machines. Back when Kitty and I first met, I had one of these Winnies tied to my old Motorola Razr flip phone. (Late 2000’s nostalgia – it’s a thing, apparently!) Winnie the Pooh was inside a little beach house, and his face looked like this: :O

Making a tiny plushie into a “bag buddy” charm is a great gift idea!


Ah, Kitty. Seems only yesterday I was 15 years old, and this weirdo came up and hugged me because I said I was cold. For a good amount of time, however, life wasn’t so great between the two of us. In first year University, it got so bad that new friends were warning me to let him go. Which I did for a while. And it feels so much better now… I met new friends and had lots of fun! It’s amazing what can happen when you let go of the things that put you in a bad mood.

I don’t remember what happened to make us friends again, but that time apart was just what we both needed. It’s 8 years later and we’re on much better terms, if I do say so myself. In fact, I think Kitty is my closest guy friend. He listens whenever I have something to say, and I tell him everything.


Even stuff he doesn’t want to know!

Kitty is going far away to study. Thanks to the power of modern technology, he won’t be too far away in case of rant emergencies. Of course, I’ll still miss going over to his place for dinner, or ranting in the same timezone.


….Several hours later……

So I totally thought I scheduled this to post at 5:00. Turns out I didn’t. Whoopsie. It’s okay, because now I can post this picture of Kitty with Torchic:

Kitty and the cutest little chicken. ;w;

Kitty and the cutest little chicken. ;w;

If Kitty’s reading this… Take care, slipper face. :3

Sniff sniff sniff...

*Sniff sniff sniff*… Torchic, Tor…. (This is a strange Pokeblock…)

Questions? Concerns? Do you have a close friend you miss right now? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~