Big Kirby and Life Thoughts – Amigurumi #20

Update: Kirby is now complete, and available to purchase!


Last weekend’s non-existant post wasn’t the penguins’ fault this time; it was Kirby’s. He ate all the spaghetti!


Get a load of this guy, he hid his face so he wouldn’t look guilty. >: O But really, I just need to finish the face. Here is the comparison to the big Snorlax:


I’ve already made Kirby, using a pattern off Nerdigurumi. This one was made from a modified version of hers, using more stitches and double crochet. Since I gave that Kirby to East, here is a Bob-omb of that same size, for a better idea of this new Kirby:


Something about making big, cuddly plushies gives me a chance to have real thoughts. Or maybe it’s the fact that Kirby’s from Dreamland. Anyway, in light of a conversation I overheard, felt this would be appropriate.

I’ve decided to put University on hold. I need a break from the coding and coffee binges. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I want to create. I want to have fun. And I want to make the world plush. I can’t do that with the demands of Uni in the way. However, I’ve also decided to follow my old dream and take animation in college.

All this time I’ve been floating along in life, making excuses to put off this or that. Feeling out of place or incompetent because all around, people are graduating, having kids, having careers… Everyone cheers, saying “you’re so smart, all that programming is not easy,” “wow, you’re learning Mandarin?” “omg you’re so creative…”

I realized that those were all well and good… but they were only parts of what I had become. Somewhere along the lines, I forgot what I really, really wanted to do. Ever since I was a wee little thing, I’ve loved cartoons and animated movies. I’ve loved bright colours, funny animations, and lovable characters. How could I let people tell me that arts and animation were “not real jobs?” — hey, Kirby! Get away from that! It’s not even cooked yet!


Kirby is watching the chicken.

Today’s post will be short, so I can go cook the chicken before faceless Kirby eats it. I’ve been on a cooking kick lately… maybe I should start blogging about the dishes. 😛

What are your dreams? Have you ever made a decision to take a huge turn in life? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~

Baymax (Big Hero 6) – Amigurumi #12

The best part about making plushies is that you never run out of ideas. As long as cute characters exist, you will always have inspiration and requests to make new things.


For instance, here is Baymax from Big Hero 6, released in theaters this week. This was quite an adventure to make. First the body was too triangular, and then it was too round. At long last, I settled for this one-piece snowman thingy. Once it was stuffed, it looked much better. I also gave up on figuring out the fingers. If anyone asks, he’s a chibified version. 😛 I’m going to take Baymax to see himself on the big screen.

What could it be? Or "who?"

Who’s that Ami? It’s BAYMAX!

I was a little too excited to hear My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark during the trailer. And this clip was too adorable:

:confession bear: I’ve never been big into Western comics. And no, I’m not including Archie Comics. But I do like the “comic book movies” they’ve put out in recent years. After all, comic book movies are designed for people who don’t read comics. (I’ll leave the details of that argument to A Dose of Buckley.) I don’t know what Baymax is like in the comic, but I like the way he is in the movie. It’s funny to watch him chasing the soccer ball. Hahaha, he’s too fat to catch it!


I think there’s a psychological reason behind it, but squishy things are well-received as popular characters. Case in point: Kirby, Jigglypuff, Olaf, Jake the Dog, and of course Baymax. They can bend, stretch, expand and contract. Maybe we subconsciously want to hug and squeeze them, and that’s why the squishier, the better.

If you are ever sad, talk to someone. If you don’t have anyone, hug something cuddly, like a puppy. (Or a plushie!) Will it make the bad things go away? Probably not. But it helps.

"It is all right to cry."

“It is all right to cry.”

This Baymax was improvised by me. If you want your own, Vivi has a cute pattern for sale. It has fingers!

Are you going to see Big Hero 6? What do you like to cuddle when you’re sad? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~