Pixel Art: Heart Earrings – DIY #8

Why wear your heart on your sleeve, when you can wear it on your ears?


These earrings ended up looking like raspberries. So I’m calling them “raspberry hearts,” like in that one song from DDR. As you can see, they look better from a distance.

I’ve been staying in the Winter Wonderland this weekend, to spend Valentine’s day with Top Hat. We are going to stay in, dress up nice, and eat a candlelit, homecooked dinner. I’m going to wear a red dress, but couldn’t find matching accessories or jewellery. And so two nights ago, I made these with materials provided by Mother Top Hat, and earring hooks that were hiding in my bag from the Muffet earrings. Here is what I used:

dsc_0146Beading needles

Fine beading cord

Earring hooks


This pixel heart, as a guide. 

*The scissors became useless, after I learned that the pliers had built-in wire cutters.


I started out with a length of wire that was the length of my forearm, and 5 beads to start the center chain. There must be a proper name for it, but I call it “weaving.” Basically, you string the 5 beads as normal, then use one end of the string to weave back and forth between them, creating a sturdy chain.

I personally prefer to use polyester sewing thread, because it doesn’t curl back on itself as much, and it lays completely flat and doesn’t kink. Beggars can’t be choosers, of course, not to mention this cord is sturdier and doesn’t show between beads as much.

When working pixel bead art, start from the middle, and work one side at a time. This will keep you from getting confused, and causing the work to twist. It also helps if you sort out your beads ahead of time. This way you can determine which ones are too tight for your needle. If they can’t handle the eye of a needle, they won’t be able to handle the bundles of cord created by weaving. I got the Mad Hatter to do this step for me… after he woke up from his couch cat nap.

dsc_0153Another thing I suggest is to work beside someone motivational. Sometimes the best way to work isn’t to work with them, but to work alongside them. What I mean is, do your own thing, but do it in proximity to one another. I kept struggling and breaking beads while sitting alone. It wasn’t until the Mad Hatter finally came to sit with me, that I made progress. This is also a good way to spend time together, while still doing nothing at all… if that makes any sense.

Whether you have a date for Valentine’s Day or not, this is a cute project to make. You can wear them, give them to your girlfriend, or give them to your best friend tomorrow, for Friends’ Day.

To attach the hooks, I wove the remaining ends until they both stuck out of the top center. Then I just tied them to the hook, and snipped any excess cord.

Tonight, The Mad Hatter and I are going to have a nice date. I’m going to wear these earrings with a red outfit. Stay tuned this weekend, to hear about our date, and a DIY for the outfit! Meanwhile, enjoy today’s entry for the 30 day art challenge. Click the image to see the rest of this month’s submissions!


Enter a caption

Food is a universal language. Whether you have a Valentine, are just celebrating with friends, or you have exams to worry about, take time today to share a meal with someone. Meals taste better when shared.

From all of us at Pika’s Penguin Production Company, have a safe and happy Valentine’s day, and don’t forget to brush your teeth tonight!

Pika, so happy~


Bunny – Amigurumi #34

It’s still December 17 somewhere…

Hey kids, wanna see a magic trick?

Last year, I made Top Hat a top hat for his sheep. This year, I made a bunny for Top Hat’s top hat.


This little bunny was made with yarn I bought during our fancy date. Here is a summary of every crafter’s inner dilemma, whenever they walk into a craft store:

Okay, I’m here for [item]. I’ll just get it, and get out.

*walk into store*

Come to think of it, I don’t have anywhere else to be, might as well take time to look around first. Oh look, [item A] is on sale! I should get some just to stock up. Ah, here’s the [item]! But if I get [item] and [item A], it’ll cost too much. Wait, I’ll just use a coupon! …. and the wifi is down. Well would they even count it towards sale items? Forget it, it’s not much anyway, I’ll just pay whatever they ask for. Let’s go cash out—*gasp!* [Item B]! I just remembered I was gonna make [project], better get some of those. Or could I just get these at the dollar store? There’s more of a selection here, but will I really need this many? Okay you know what, I can just [solution that is a lot more complicated than it really seems] so I’ll just buy this thing instead…oh whoops, I’ve been here for an hour. Better go cash out. Ughhh there is a line up, as if I have all day…


It ended with me picking up two little balls of yarn, and sending Top Hat to return the big roll. So much for not spending any money that day. ;w; But it was worth it, because I found soft, lightweight yarn to make this cutie pie.


It was a debate, as to whether or not the bunny should also have a top hat. I got lazy and decided to give him a bow tie instead, reminiscent of Top Hat’s red tie, that he wore to our date. Bunny ended up borrowing Sheep’s top hat. Now he looks like Pharrell Williams.

I attached the eyes using a method called french knot. The very first plushies I made, simply used embroidered “lines” for their eyes. This worked fine for certain designs, but eventually I wanted to make more detailed plushies. Goomba required his eyes to be cut from felt and sewed on. I started to get lazy, and began gluing the eyes. And then I discovered the wonders of 3D paint. This is the first time I’ve made a french knot. The trick is to catch a bit of yarn on the body, to really anchor the eyes on. Otherwise, if you pull the knots, they will sink into the head. It took me more tries than I’d like to admit, to get this part right.

Here is a nice tutorial on how to make french knot eyes.

The tail is simply a brushed ball. If anyone asks, the aliens came and made it.

I watched the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory last night. It got me reflecting on how much things have changed in the past year. Top Hat and I were just friends for the longest time. In fact, I originally turned him down, because I didn’t want to spoil the friendship. But I understand now, that some things in life are worth risking. Just as Alice followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, and encountered the Mat Hatter, I will take risks in a similar fashion, with my Mad Hatter at my side.

By the way, if Top Hat asks, I totally wasn’t staying up late to type this. I looked like this from the time we said goodnight:


Honkshoo honkshoo zzz…

If you followed a white rabbit down a rabbit hole, what would you expect to find? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Part 1 of 2

So this is what I’ve been doing all month. And holy sheep, I actually finished it. Why not recap the experiences with the 30 day drawing challenge?

Day 1 – Super You!

uoit-dc-day-1The first challenge was to draw yourself as a super hero. This is Shay Crowe, alter ego: Crocheria. (Working name) She has the ability to bring the plushies she makes to life, or simply wrap her magical yarn around her body, and use it as leverage to grapple. Think of her as “yarn spodermin.”

If you’ve perused Tumblr, you’ve likely happened upon The Knitter. Consider this his nemisis. I took way too long to finish this, and it looks like something I would’ve drawn in high school. There is a long way to go…

The design was inspired off Pascal from Tales of Graces, and… I dunno…Harley Quinn? I would like to wear long, thigh high socks with garters. As for the boots, not even I remember if they’re supposed to be boots, or thicker socks.

Days 2 – 7: Basic Anatomy blaster

These days were the most tedious. Although the point of this week was to help improve your ability to draw basic anatomy, they were very tedious. Hands are forever my nemesis, though day 6 was the day I learned to use shadows to indicate depth. Legs and feet were fun to draw, and yes, I used Spiderman as a reference for the leaping pose. The eyes and basic poses were drawn on the same sheet, and I didn’t feel like separating them in the dA submission.


Days 8 – 14: Concept art, and a doggy

Finally, a chance to draw concept art for other projects! These are plans for things that appear in my next project, a NaNoWriMo novel. It would be nice if the dream home became real one day. And the doggy is just a doggy, because doxies are cute.

The owl is Hibou, the main character’s pet owl. He is a cute, loyal companion for the most part. However, he also has the ability to turn his head upside down and emit a horrid screech, when he is upset or provoked.

The grey chain link on the right hand side is a sort of mind-controlled weapon. At least, that’s the best way to put it. The blue chain on the left is an alternate version of the weapon, after a certain point in the story.

Lac Gaawel (Mirror Lake) is a spring located on a mountain summit. They say the water here is so pure, that if you gaze upon it, you will see your true reflection. This means that you will see yourself as you naturally are, without makeup, masks, or transformative magic.

This armour is initially worn by a character who appears much later in the story, but is significant nonetheless.


Days 15: uoit-dc-day-15Hero Revisited

We’re at the halfway mark, which means it’s time to revisit that character you brain-farted out on day 1. You must place them in an action pose. This is where I settled on this style of using polygons, rather than drawing lineart and colouring in. (Translation: I couldn’t be arsed to put effort into lineart)

I do like the way the hair turned out, and it felt refreshing to draw something besides the usual 3/4 view static pose.

Incidentally, day 15 was also Keedee and Bear’s wedding day! I was unable to attend, so I wrote a simple prayer for the two of them on Facebook. Remember folks, true love is not letting them put green peas in their mac and cheese.

It’s safe to say day 15, was the start of a time of changes for my close friends and I. Kitty got married to a cute bear. Tabbs found and adopted a kitten companion. And me? Well, you’ll have to find out next time!

Have you tried a 30 day challenge before? If so, what were they, and have you finished? Are you participating in this month’s NaNoWriMo challenge? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


Strawberries – Amigurumi #33

Summer may have ended, but the delicacies can be enjoyed year round.


This was inspired by Shan, my other cousin. When Korilakkuma was just a head, Shan was entertained by throwing the head up in the air. She commented that the size of Korilak’s head was the perfect size for a stress ball. However, she didn’t really like strawberries unless they were dipped in chocolate. And so…



Dark chocolate-dipped strawberry with a white chocolate drizzle. Yum! It feels nice to make something that isn’t Pokemon-related. And Arceus knows I need more colour in that dA gallery.

I don’t think she reads this blog, so this will be a present for Shan, when she comes over for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, I need to decide what to give Fei. I hope Shan and Shoonie will get along. Don’t worry, Shoonie, I have a present for you too. 😀 (Even if you already know what it is)

Here is a “dummy berry” I made, to experiment with the shaping. It looks nice in mother Raichu’s garden, even on a rainy day.


Strawberries are cute, tasty, and versatile. They can be eaten alone, in sweets, in salads, and sometimes even as pasta sauce! It’s true, I once made strawberry pasta. It was… interesting. Twiggy was the ginuea pig. Hey, twiggy piggy! 😀

Why not wear strawberries on your nails? I followed Bubz’ tutorial, back when I could keep my nails nice. And look who else got the idea to make a(nother) strawberry this week! Maybe great minds think alike.


Rilak vs. Korilak: Decisive Battle! Referee: Umbreon

You can make any food into a stress ball. How about a pumpkin, for Halloween? Or a slice of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving?

Do you like chocolate-covered strawberries? Or do you prefer strawberries and creme? Comment below!

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Hello Kitty Scarf – Amigurumi #15

Yes, the scarf itself is still a WIP. I wasn’t sure where to file this. On one hand, it’s a mini ami. On the other, it’s an incomplete scarf. Then I thought, “por que no los dos?” And then I went out for burritos.


This plushie scarf was inspired off the Monkichi scarf I bought from Pacific Mall, back when I barely knew how to make anything but teddy bears. Kawaii, ne? (Cute, isn’t it?) They also had Hello Kitty and Keroppi versions, but I went with Monkichi so that Senor Monkey could have a friend. This is going to be an entry to the January contest over on deviantArt. I will include the link below.


Left: Monkichi scarf from Pacific Mall vs. handmade Hello Kitty scarf


kittyYou know that feeling when you have a problem, wrack your brain for solutions to said problem, and in the end the solution was so simple you wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner? That happened here, when deciding how to wash the scarf if need be. The scarf could be stuffed into an old stocking or lingerie bag, but the last time I machine washed a plushie it smelled. And so I’ve decided to attached fasteners to the back of Kitty. Now I can have a fluffy scarf and Hello Kitty brooch. Yay!


Few years back, I made a Hello Kitty ami for a friend’s girlfriend. I didn’t finish it in time, haha… XP All I managed to finish were the head, ears, and body. Maybe it made a good stress reliever. Oh well, not like that relationship lasted anyway.

Hello Kitty was one of my first animes. I didn’t realize it was an anime until Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z became popular, and people started explaining the differences between anime and cartoons. To me, cartoons were cartoons; they were drawn and animated, characters did and said funny things, but there was still a clear semblance of a story/moral. The only difference to me was the way they were drawn. Anime characters were drawn with clean lines and simplistic animation, while cartoons were silly and exaggerated. Yet, anime and cartoons are like hard and soft shell tacos; I like both!

Kitty and Mimmy

Kitty and Mimmy

The English theme song went, Hello Kitty, play with us today, we’ll laugh and sing on this lovely sunny day. I spent my entire childhood thinking it was, “fluffy sunny day.” In my defense, the opening ended with a shot of a fluffy cloud that took the shape of Kitty’s face. So hah! Fluffy day! 😀

To those who haven’t watched it, Hello Kitty followed the adventures of Kitty and her twin sister, Mimmy. Kitty was outgoing and loved sports, while Mimmy liked reading and baking. For some reason, my favourite episode was the one in which they were dreaming of their ideal boy, and Mimmy meets hers the same day. He was sweet and liked reading, kind of like my type today. I’ve always related to Mimmy more, but I made Kitty because she’s the one everyone remembers. Don’t worry Mimmy, now that I’m a grown up, I’ll get all the nerdy boys for both of us.


And now, back to assignments. In terms of getting assignments done on time, this semester is already looking great. I finished two assignments early! Here’s to getting everything done on time throughout 2015.

This week, I will be resurrecting my game dev blog, Pika on a Blog. If you’re interested in reading about games in a more analytical light, click over!

If you’re interested in showing off your creative side, click over to Knitting and Crochet’s January contest. The theme is Sanrio, so if you want to make your own item, be sure to submit before the end of January! Even if you don’t win, consider it a great chance to receive exposure for your work.

What other character scarves and accessories would you like? How is school/work going so far in the new year? Comment below!

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Tali’Zorah (WIP)- Amigurumi #10

11:45 pm still counts as Saturday, right?

After a crazy first full-blown week back, it’s time to relax with someone else’s pattern. I tested this Chibi pattern for a deviantART user called YunisUnis, who we’ll call Yuni for short. The pattern was for the base of the doll, and I added the Tali touch. I’ve given her a tiny bit of feedback, particularly about spots where I got stuck. It was a good thing this pattern happened when it did. I meant to make a Tali plush for someone long ago, but never finished. I don’t even know where it is anymore! This is as far as I’ve gotten with my personal take on Tali:



I’m one of those compulsive people who gets worried when she’s following a pattern, and the result doesn’t turn out exactly as expected. The rest of my feedback included a couple typos and other things that I’m sure could otherwise be ignored. If you’re going to sell a pattern, you’ve got to make sure it’s clear and easy to follow, right? That’s my only reason for it.

Completed doll base

Completed doll base

I have a feeling the hip size was a result of my hook size. I used my usual 5.0 mm (US H) hook, but the pattern called for the smaller 4.0 (US G) hook. I didn’t think it would matter, since the hook size is so negligible. I still like the way it looks, and maybe it just looks different from the sample because the sample doll is wearing a dress.

I cheated on the head by taking out the last “sc in each st around” rows near the end. I found they gave a weird “light bulb” shape, compared to the nice, round head in the sample. I think the intention was to make a neck or connecting end, since sewing on the head made the neck flop. Since Tali has a hood to support her head, it doesn’t matter in this case, but that’s something I’d go back and revise.


Final pattern verdict: Cute! I’d suggest fixing the directions for the legs, but overall very easy to follow along. I also liked the exaggerated hips, which I noticed were perfect for Tali. Maybe next, we can see a “boy” base pattern? 😛

P.s hello “Yuni.” 😛


Confession: I haven’t played Mass Effect, but I did take a little interest in the short gameplay he showed me.

Who’s “he”? Why, Twiggy of course!

Obviously his name isn’t really Twiggy. When I first saw him, he was as skinny as a twig, so I called him Twiggy.

Totoro corrected me, “you mean Lucas?”

I replied, “yeah that’s what I said: Twiggy.”

Twiggy has since put on weight, but the nickname stuck.

I made a side-by-side comparison of Twiggy before and after:

Twiggy, then vs. now

Twiggy, then vs. now

In the first pic, he’s holding my first finished ami, a monkey named Monkey. The other pic is from last year second semester. We were all dressed up for business presentations, which is why he looks so handsome. The chocolate is shaped like the Polish eagle, because Twiggy is Polish. Maybe one day I will teach you how to make these chocolates.

I don’t think I’ll ever get this to Twiggy. Oh well, at least there will finally be something new in the Etsy shop.

For next week, I’m going to make a prototype of a Pokemon, as inspired by the adorable Ginger. No, it’s not Charmander…in fact, I don’t think that Charmander is going to be finished anytime soon.

Questions? Concerns? Have you played Mass Effect? If so, would you recommend it? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


Chibi base pattern by Yuni.

Inspiration for the Tali design can be found here.