Pikachu Card Holder/Wallet – DIY #10

Pika… I’m just a Pika on a wallet.


Shoonie turned 18 on April Fool’s day. I still remember going to visit 3 days after she was born, and now she’s going to start college in a few more months. (;w;)

If there’s one thing I can recommend to a prospective college student, it’s to keep a wallet or card holder on your person at all times. (That is, if you don’t already) Along with your student ID card, you will need to carry your bus pass/driver’s license, health card, points cards, and debit card, to name a few. And as you get closer to graduation, it’s nice to create and keep a business card with your information on it, to hand out at job fairs.

This project was inspired by a Pika phone case Shoonie made for me years ago, back when I was about to graduate high school. Sadly, the case was too small for my clunky LG Neon. Said phone up and snuffed itself out about a year later. Good riddance.

Now it’s 8 years later, and both Shoonie and I have come quite a ways since our beginning years in crafts and design. I decided to make this as a tribute to how far she’s come.

The initial design for the wallet included a few slits for card holders, a clear window for a photo ID, and a pocket for cash money. Kind of like this, but with a photo ID window instead of the zippered change pocket. To make the ID window, I took inspiration from one of Yumi King’s past tutorials. And you know that Rilakkuma = YASSS.

Then, I gathered the materials needed:



1 sheet yellow fabric

Scraps of dark brown, red, and black fabric

White 3D paint pot

Needle and matching threads


measuring tape

seam ripper

clear ziploc bags

money and cards (for reference)

Pencil and paper


…and promptly decided that the scope was too great. As you can tell from the lighting, it was very late at night, and we had to travel to Shoon Land the next morning. After much hesitation and deliberation, I decided to just duplicate my own basic cardholder. The outside would be a Pika face and tail, while the inside would resemble a 3DS. I made a paper prototype:

I cut a 10 x 13 cm rectangle, and two 5.6 x 5 cm rectangles. The “dip” in the center is meant to make it easier to slide your cards in and out of the holder. The small rectangle on the right was meant to become a tail for Pika’s backside, but decided it would only cover the stripes on the back.


In the end, it wasn’t as all-in-one as planned, nor did it have the fancy 3DS detail on the inside. But it does what it’s supposed to do. And look, it holds $18!


Overall, I have quite a ways to go in terms of my felt/needlepoint skills. Attach11638_20170425_165436Luckily, the upcoming month’s project will grant plenty of time to work on that…

Watch out for this at the end of the month, along with a plushie to go with!

Have you tried making a wallet/purse before? If so, what did you use? What were the results? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


Penguins – Amigurumi #14

Bonjour. Je m’appelle Monsieur Pingouin. Et voici ma petite soeur, Pinga. (Translation: Hello. My name is Mister Penguin. And this is my little sister, Pinga.)


On behalf of Val, we apologize for not posting the blog last week. Us penguins take a long time to type, because we don’t have fingers. Also I, M. Pingouin, like to speak odd words and phrases in French, because I am classy that way. Here is an idea of how small we are, compared to Val’s hand:


We had a fun week at school. My little sister and I moved to a new home.* We now live with Val’s friend, East. She gave us to him as payment for the dark chocolate donut. We also count as “penguin insurance.” Next time Val is hungry but does not have money, East can buy her food. 😛


Luckily, Val remembered to take a picture of the donut before eating the fancy details.


This is my cousin, Lila. She is a light purple penguin. She gets photo bombed a lot.

Oh Shoonie... XP

Oh Shoonie… XP

This is my other cousin, Shoonie. We call her Shoonie because she likes shoons.



A shoon is a spoon that looks like a shovel. She learned that from the video below. The video is also the reason why there are so many penguins here today. It’s also why Shoonie demanded that we, the penguins, write Val’s blog post for her. We need to take her away from DIY videos…

Here are Lila and Shoonie with their baby brother, Peck Peck. He doesn’t have a beak, but he still loves to peck. He went to one of Val’s group members, as payment for a bottle of Midol.*

Be well, little one. The Midol is worth it!

Be well, little one. The Midol is worth it!

*Val’s note: some penguins are looking for new HOMES! If you would like one for your bag, Christmas tree, or just a cute little friend to look at, message me on Etsy for more information. Merci pour votre patience ces semaines! (Thank you for your patience these weeks!)

Do you like to eat fish? Which do you prefer about sliding down ice bergs: the slide, or when you splash into the water? Comment below!

Pika, très hereuse~