As you write this, you should be sleeping in time for Cassie Day in a few hours.

2016 has been strewn with both positivity and negativity. You began the year on a rocky note, with a fail new year’s date, followed by a broken heart a few days after Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, it was nothing a spontaneous change to your style couldn’t fix. And you made a new friend in the process!

The second half of the year was devoted to your mental and physical health. This has been beneficial so far, because it gave you a lot of breathing room to schedule other events, and work on crafty projects. Not to mention, you travelled further on your own, twice! Last year you went to Belleville, Ontairo. This year you went to Lyndhurst, Ontario – a town about an hour away from Kingston, which is even further than Belleville. This is the place where Top Hat, your first ever blog subscriber, evolved into the tall, dark, and handsome Mad Hatter.

uoit-dc-day-27And you’ve gotten back into drawing! As our Mad Hatter pointed out, you completed the 30 Day Drawing Challenge in October. You even finished the bonus challenge?! Like WOT?! I hope you have participated in a drawing challenge since, this was fun. ^_^

Here is one of your best pieces from the challenge. It symboilzes a lot to you. Now that you have surpassed the curtain of 2017, what do you have to say?

You may not have achieved last year’s goal of 1 plush/month, but you did learn a new skill: beading. Have you made anything since? Pics pls.

Oh yeah, how’s this blog look so far? Are you still posting? Even if you have to drop it down to a post every two weeks, please please PLEASE write something.

And holy sheep, PLEASE tell me the shop came back. Do you really want to work at The Fluff Club forever?!

By the time you read this, our wee baby Shoonie will have graduated high school, and gone off to college. How is she? Do you still have fans among her friends? XP

How are Ginger, Aburr, Kitty, Tabbs, Huggie Buddy, and Cassie?

Did you watch any good anime this year? As you type this, you were squeeing over Yuri!!! on Ice. Hey, you’re never too old to like pretty artwork and music. :\

How is school? Did you get in anywhere? If so, how is it? If not, what’s the plan?

Did you remember Anime North this year? Did you go? How was it?

Did you take up NaNoWriMo again this year? Remember to write what’s in your heart. Let Sammi and friends tell their story through pictures; the book can be about something else.

Did you get a chance to play Breath of the Wild? How is it?! Anything else interesting come out this year?

Dare I ask… how is our Mad Hatter? You began the year seeing his silly face. Did you end it the same way? If so, he must truly be mad to have stayed this long.

If nothing else above was positive, at the very least, please tell me the “dab” died…

And that’s all I’ve got for the start of 2017. How did it go? Did we achieve anything cool? Comment in your response!

Pika, happy new year~



Greetings from 2015! Another year has come and gone. With the success of your 2014 time capsule, it’s only right to make one for this year, as well. Although this blog was written on January 3, 2016, it only encompasses the dates between December 31, 2014, and December 31, 2015. Please comment as you see fit!

You can’t remember the first half of 2015 very well, since it was pretty meh. You made the decision to take a semester off school to clear your head, and in the process found a part time job to help earn your keep. Plushies have been put on hold for the most part, in favour of learning to cook new dishes from scratch. Your current signature dish is chicken “stoup,” as dubbed by Shoony this New Year’s Eve.
The semester you spent in school was not a waste, of course! You studied Mandarin Chinese, discovered a new interest in video editing, and made a cutscene for your Demo Reel Development class. The latter is your first step towards completing your game project. That’s good! Next stop, the prototype. Expect to graduate in 2017; better late than never.

Your first Anime North was great! You went with your birthday buddy, and you cosplayed Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Sadly you didn’t stay long, due to exhaustion, and the fact that your cosplay was derpy at best. Assuming you do return this year, you were considering cosplaying either Sheena from Tales of Symphonia, or Oliver from Ni no Kuni. Hopefully, you’ll run into more people you know.

Tay moved away this year, but you still say hello now and then. You two spent a day together in the summer, and you sent him a Sadaharu plushie after he moved. Thanks to him, you got back into anime, and even found a couple new series to watch. Don’t forget, once he gets his own place, he owes you a sweet snack! Ginger is still as adorable as always, and you continue to pray for his good health. As a matter of fact, you were talking to him moments ago! Conversely, you haven’t spoken to East much since he graduated this year. He’s keeping busy busy, working on everything and stopping for nothing. Whatever that means.

As far as the blog and crafts go, you entered and won a couple contests on DeviantArt, and you may have earned some fans among Shoony’s friends. 😛 You succeeded in making two more giant plushies: Kirby, and a Master Ball. This year was focused on crafts, particularly sewing and decorative desserts. If anything, you’ll make a good housewife, right? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Speaking of which, you met someone very special this year. We’ll call him M. You met him while visiting Top Hat, and your first words to M were, “hi! Do you taste good? :3” He likes Magic: The Gathering, Doctor Who, cheese, and eating pasta raw. His personality can be described as quirky, silly, nerdy, and cute. He’s also quite keen on you learning to play Magic.

You two had your first official date on July 29, first kiss on August 8, and became “official” on September 1. That means as of writing this blog, you’ve been official for 4 months. Not to mention, he’s convinced you to start watching Doctor Who! Kitty and Brandon seem to like him, as well. This Christmas, you rode the VIA rail train for the first time, and had an “actual” Christmas dinner with his family. (The kids’ table is a thing! People really do bake stuffing inside the turkey! You thought these things only happened on TV!) Maybe things can work, maybe you can make it to an anniversary…
I really didn’t want to get my hopes up by asking this, since we know how things can come crashing down at a moment’s notice: are you two still together? It would be really nice if you are. If not, well like I said last year, you’re hottest at 25, so he’s totally missing out. 😛

Now, it’s time for a checklist of goals, and things I’m looking forward to in the coming year:

  1. Game: Making a playable prototype.
  2. Animation: lots more of it.
  3. School: finally passing “that course.”
  4. NaNoWriMo: actually complete it this time.
  5. Plushies: complete at least one per month, even if it’s just a small thing, or not even my own pattern.
  6. M: our first anniversary.
  7. Friends: Introducing more of them to M, and attending Kitty’s wedding! =O
  8. Anime North: attending for the second time.

Well, 2016 Pika? How’d we do? What do you think of your 2015 self? Comment in your next response!

Pika, happy new year~