Candy Kit Review – Cake

I nearly forgot about this segment. Since this week was spent wrapping up final assignments, this will work until I actually make more plushies.

Here’s another candy kit: cake!


Kracie Poppin’ Cookin’ Cake

Brand: Kracie

Price: $7.00 at Sweet Tooth Candy Emporium

The name is pretty self explanatory. In this kit, you get 5 different packets: 2 for the cake, (it’s a two-layer cake) one for white icing, one for the strawberry icing, and one for the strawberry jellies. You also get chocolate (…I think…) covered rice krispie balls and a piping bag, for decorating. No shoons or torks, just a plain spoon. Oh well…


Click for tutorial


Directions for box kits are a little more complicated than the plastic bag kits. I think it’s due to the fact that you can open the package without ripping it in half. *cough* So first, you have to prepare the cake. This required microwaving… yay, microwave plastic. I put it in for 30 seconds at first, since our microwave is pretty strong. It still wasn’t set though, so I put it in for 20 more seconds.

Shoonie and Peck Peck were downstairs while I was microwaving, so they were lucky they weren’t exposed to this. (I’m such a good cousin and sister) Oh man, not only did the cakes shrink, but when I opened the microwave door they smelled like…

*eeeeeee* Censored!

finished-cakeThe icing and jelly prep were pretty easy, and it’s all shown in the video so I won’t go through it here. I will say, however, that our finished product looked rather cute.

The taste test was another story… You know that feeling when something smells so strong, that it gets stuck in your nose and you can almost taste it? Well that describes the cake pretty well. ;w;

I met someone a few days later. The first picture he saw on my Facebook wall, was a picture of me saying the cake smelled like farts. *puts on music* I’m so classy~ (8)


Overall Verdict

Difficulty: 5/10

This kit was a lot more involved, and I liked how you had to actually “bake” the cake in the microwave. I think this was meant for slightly older kids who have more time and patience to follow instructions. Not much in the way of creativity, except for decorating the cake. And even that is nothing special; as much as they left it open for you to get creative and try your own patterns, in the end you pretty much end up imitating the box.

Taste: 4/10

I was very generous, but only because the white icing tasted like whipped topping and the strawberry gummies were tasty. Together, they tasted like strawberry trio treat. The rice krispie things were okay, but as I’ve said in the picture mentioned above, Japan needs to step up its chocolate game. For a country that gets so creative with its KitKat bars, even I expected a bit better. The krispies were a small part of the kit, so I’ll be nice.

Overall verdict: 5/10 would recommend, as long as you don’t mind turning your microwave into a non-literal dutch oven.

This was definitely fun to make, and it’s fun to watch your friends reacting to the taste of the cake. Problem is, you might not enjoy eating it yourself… or smelling it. ;w;

And that’s that for this kit review. I’ll leave this picture here as a hint for a possible future post.


Have you tried this kit? What did you think? What other kits would you recommend? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~