Cupcakes For Two? – Dessert Days #3

You might notice I’ve gone ahead and changed the titles of some previous posts. Yes, I have a  section of dessert recipes. This one will simply involve me trying out different recipes from around the web. And they’re mostly sweets. I felt my blog wasn’t cute enough without cute snacks.


It was mi madre’s (my mum’s) birthday this week, so I figured I would try out this recipe. Lately we don’t have enough space to make crazy amounts of cakes. I would put this recipe on my list of go-to “fix” recipes, next to the microwave chocolate cake.

Click the name below to view the original recipe!

One Bowl Vanilla Cupcakes

IMG_20150304_143006578Before starting, the one thing that bothered me about this recipe had to be the egg whites. I’ve been told that the egg whites are the part that contain salmonella, and you must cook them thoroughly before consumption. As one of those habitual food preparation snackers, I didn’t want to get sick. >.< I did notice the ingredient list was very similar to the microwave chocolate cake recipe, except this time we will acutally use baking powder. Perhaps next time, I will add baking powder to the chocolate cake and bake it.

Anyway, I made the batter. So far so good, it looks and tastes like ordinary vanilla cake batter.


IMG_20150304_145340199Oh wow… I thought this was TWO cupcake recipe, yet I ended up with an even four. I think it’s because I used smaller liners. You can see the extra space between the liners and the actual pan. This is fine; now we can have smaller sizes, and mi madre won’t complain she’s getting fat.

IMG_20150304_151850519Baking time! It took about 10 minutes before these cupcakes were as baked as Squirt, that one time in Montreal. (hehehe… durg references.)

Fresh cuppies look and smell great as is! But they are still missing something…

I know! Decorations! I made them look like flowers, with centers that matched their respective cupcake liners.

*insert Zelda item acquisition theme here*

Finished! So what is the final verdict?

These cupcakes were tasty and moist, and they are an excellent recipe to make as a birthday present! Still, I feel like the baking powder didn’t mix correctly since the cakes felt a bit heavy and didn’t rise as much. Are cupcakes supposed to rise more? Or am I thinking of muffins?

Either way, these were great. Maybe next time, I’ll use bigger wrappers to get them closer to their intended cupcakes for 2. I’m certainly inspired to look up more small-portion recipes for future use!

Would you/have you tried making cupcakes for 2? What other small-sized recipes have you tried? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


Hello! As you can probably tell from the title of this blog, my name is Valerie, and I like knitting and crochet. Before you tell yourself, “oh, this is just some old lady blog about making sweaters,” NO! I’m actually just a game dev student trying to stay sane via hobbies. :3

That’s why this blog exists. It will be dedicated to artsy adventures, told through stories, pictures, and maybe even videos. ;3

Although it’s called “Plushies by Valerie,” it won’t just be about knitting/crochet plushies. I will also be touching up on sewing. Though I’m not very good at sewing, I do dabble in it from time to time. In fact, some plushies I’ve made have sewn-on clothing.

Case in point: Sackboy from Little Big Planet dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda:

Link Sackboy

Link Sackboy

Which lead to the creation of Sackboy dressed as Altair (Assassin’s Creed):

Altair Sackboy enjoying his new home

Altair Sackboy enjoying his new home

As some of the plushies I make are taken from other sources, I will include a link to the pattern as well.* I sell the actual plushies, not the patterns. In the future, I would like to create my own patterns. Of course, I will gladly release some patterns for free on this blog!

Even if you don’t know how to knit or crochet, I hope you will follow along for the stories, if not just to take a cute plushie break from the otherwise hard, ugly world.

Until next time, this is Valerie, signing out~


* This is where I found the Sackboy knitting pattern 🙂