Various Pokeballs – Amigurumi #22

Pokeballs are available to purchase here!

It’s the first Saturday of May! And if you’re an anime fan living in or around Toronto, it’s almost time for Anime North.

Anime North is an annual fan expo for all things anime. I’ve wanted to go for years, but it’s only now that I finally get a chance. My birthday buddy (friend who has the same birthdate as me) managed to get an extra ticket, so I figured, why not? I’m still in-between on the exact cosplay I want to wear. It’s between Katara, (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Oliver, (Ni no Kuni) and TK. (Digimon [season 1])



If you can’t make it to Anime North, it’s okay: here are some Pokeballs you can pretend you bought at Anime North!


Left to right: Master Ball, Pokeball, and Green Ball


I KNOW, another Pokeball-themed post. They’re just so easy and fun to make! As this post’s title suggests, these would make great accessories for a Pokemon-themed cosplay. Or a stress ball. Or to throw at your friends to catch them. Either way, POKEBALLS!


Each Pokeball is approximately 3″, or 7.5 cm tall. This makes them just the right size to fit in your hands.


The Pokeballs are currently available in the designs and colours shown. For custom designs, please send me a message on Etsy.

I’m trying to save up money for a souvenir. Maybe I’ll find a ribbon for Shoonie, or a 3DS decal for Peck Peck. No plushies obviously, I’m more than set for those. XP

Oh look, another shameless link to the Etsy shop.

See any Pokeballs you like? Want? Need? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~

Master Ball – Amigurumi #21

Fat Master Ball is fat. I’ll have to take a better picture tomorrow, when natural light can show off the purple.


Humph. Not too thrilled with how the overall body turned out. Before stuffing it looked square and lumpy, unlike Kirby who was so nice and round. I knew I should’ve used Kirby’s body pattern…

Anyway, the master ball plush is the same size as Kirby.



I had a little assistance on this one, from a wee little thing named Kailyn. (SP???) She helped sew a pink spot and glue on the M. I must say, her sewing isn’t bad for her first time. I just might keep this ball around for her to toss around next time she comes for practice.

Inspiration for this pattern came from Hey You, Pikachu! For those who don’t remember the N64 days, HYP was Nintendo’s attempt at incorporating vocal recognition into a game. As per the title, you would say a command into the special microphone, and Pikachu would respond. It kinda worked, and kinda didn’t. I once told Pika to use Thundershock, but instead it decided to dance. Apparently its dance skills were so bad that the treasure chest blew up. Nintendo logic!

HYP had a beach mini game in which you tossed around Pokeball beach balls. The master ball was worth the most points. Last week, Kailyn was tossing Kirby around like a volleyball. Kirby flew into the kitchen and landed on the dishes. Luckily the dishes were clean, and he was so soft that he bounced off safely. This reminded me of the volleyball game, and so the master volley ball was created.


Kailyn likes whales and hammerhead sharks. And then I casually mentioned harpooning a whale and a hammerhead shark in Black Flag. She said, “aww I wanna see you harpoon a whale!” I’m confused about kids’ priorities nowadays…

I’m thinking of going shopping for some proper red yarn (Kirby’s feet were made with two thin red yarns held together) and re-trying the ball. Then I can add more things to my Etsy. Oh wait, I said I would add the fairies, didn’t I? Geez, get it together, me… I also have to make my costume for next month! ASDFGHJKL;’

What’s your favourite type of Pokeball? Would you play Poke volley ball? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~