Pikachu Card Holder/Wallet – DIY #10

Pika… I’m just a Pika on a wallet.


Shoonie turned 18 on April Fool’s day. I still remember going to visit 3 days after she was born, and now she’s going to start college in a few more months. (;w;)

If there’s one thing I can recommend to a prospective college student, it’s to keep a wallet or card holder on your person at all times. (That is, if you don’t already) Along with your student ID card, you will need to carry your bus pass/driver’s license, health card, points cards, and debit card, to name a few. And as you get closer to graduation, it’s nice to create and keep a business card with your information on it, to hand out at job fairs.

This project was inspired by a Pika phone case Shoonie made for me years ago, back when I was about to graduate high school. Sadly, the case was too small for my clunky LG Neon. Said phone up and snuffed itself out about a year later. Good riddance.

Now it’s 8 years later, and both Shoonie and I have come quite a ways since our beginning years in crafts and design. I decided to make this as a tribute to how far she’s come.

The initial design for the wallet included a few slits for card holders, a clear window for a photo ID, and a pocket for cash money. Kind of like this, but with a photo ID window instead of the zippered change pocket. To make the ID window, I took inspiration from one of Yumi King’s past tutorials. And you know that Rilakkuma = YASSS.

Then, I gathered the materials needed:



1 sheet yellow fabric

Scraps of dark brown, red, and black fabric

White 3D paint pot

Needle and matching threads


measuring tape

seam ripper

clear ziploc bags

money and cards (for reference)

Pencil and paper


…and promptly decided that the scope was too great. As you can tell from the lighting, it was very late at night, and we had to travel to Shoon Land the next morning. After much hesitation and deliberation, I decided to just duplicate my own basic cardholder. The outside would be a Pika face and tail, while the inside would resemble a 3DS. I made a paper prototype:

I cut a 10 x 13 cm rectangle, and two 5.6 x 5 cm rectangles. The “dip” in the center is meant to make it easier to slide your cards in and out of the holder. The small rectangle on the right was meant to become a tail for Pika’s backside, but decided it would only cover the stripes on the back.


In the end, it wasn’t as all-in-one as planned, nor did it have the fancy 3DS detail on the inside. But it does what it’s supposed to do. And look, it holds $18!


Overall, I have quite a ways to go in terms of my felt/needlepoint skills. Attach11638_20170425_165436Luckily, the upcoming month’s project will grant plenty of time to work on that…

Watch out for this at the end of the month, along with a plushie to go with!

Have you tried making a wallet/purse before? If so, what did you use? What were the results? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~


Pokemon Hats – Knitting #1

October is a busy month. If you’re a student, it’s a time of submitting assignments and cramming for midterms. If you’re Canadian, you’ve just celebrated Thanksgiving and are now preparing for the cold weather. And of course, Hallowe’en is upon us. October also happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This is totally what I look like in real life.

This is totally what I look like in real life.

Let’s make a post that ties in to all of the above. If you’re a student who wants to dress up, but doesn’t have the time to make or buy a fancy costume, simply throw on a fun accessory. With the cold weather approaching, consider a nice, warm hat. For example, my Pikachu costume last year (and the year before): I made a hat with the Pikachu ears. After that, I just popped on a yellow dress with a cutout tail sewn to the back, paint rosy cheeks, and voila~

Remember folks: silly headware + wise wardrobe choices = quick and easy costume.

Here’s the prototype Pikachu hat, beside the mystery newcomer hat. Can you guess what it will be? Hint: It’s not Ditto.

Right: Pikachu prototype. Left: Who's that Pokemon?

Right: Pikachu prototype. Left: Who’s that Pokemon?

Now it’s time to make your own hat! Don’t worry, hats knit up quick and easy. Try using larger needles or thicker yarn if you’re really in a bind.

How to Make your own Character Hat

Step 1: Make a basic hat. (I used this pattern from Tin Can Knits)

Step 2: Make necessary details, such as ears, horns, hair puffs, etc.

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit!

I improvised the ears on the Pikachu hat, and will improvise the details on the mystery hat, as well. If you’re new to circular knitting, the Tin Can Knits blog offers a step by step tutorial with pictures. You can also try making your hat from a basic crochet hat, or cutting the detail shapes from felt.

Finally, let’s move to the more serious part of October. I bought the pretty pink yarn (same shade as the breast cancer ribbon) from Zellers a year ago. The sign above the shelf said that all profits earned from said yarn sales, would benefit the Breast Cancer Foundation. I don’t think it was wise to trust that sign…. this happened in December, and Zellers is no longer a thing. Now that I have earned back the value of the yarn on Etsy, I plan to donate that amount ($5.99) directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. It’s not much, but at least this way I know the donation is going straight to the cause. I hope the donation will make a breast cancer patient’s world a little more plush.

October 24 is Wear it Pink day. I’m not 100% sure if this is also a Canadian event or not; our school had it last year, but we’re pretty bad when it comes to publicizing events. ( ; w ; ) Wear it Pink seems to be based in the UK. Even if you’re not confident in your ability to make fancy details, you can make a plain pink hat. You could also make a pink scarf. Scarves knit up quickly, just in time to wear it pink this coming Friday.

For more information, or if you’d like to donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, visit their website here.

Coming soon...

Coming soon…

What other character hats would you like to see? Will you be wearing it pink? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~

Squirtle – Amigurumi #8

Here’s my take on Squirtle. I have blue and orange left over, so I guess that means Charmander and Bulbasaur will appear soon.


Squirtle is blue, and I’ve been feeling a little blue lately. Looking at this Squirtle, I remember the first Squirtle I made, back when I was beginning to attempt more complicated amis. It started with a Google search for Super Mario mushroom patterns, and ended with a bookmark on a really awesome blog full of patterns I knew I wanted to try. There will be a link at the end. I highly recommend checking out that blog for more Pokemon patterns!

Beneath the story of Squirtle is the story of someone dear to me. I was going to tell the story of how I lost him in the mountains, but there’s no use dwelling on that; it will only interfere with my mission to make the world plush. Instead, let’s talk about the happier times, the silliness, and just the overall feel-good memories. For extra plush-ness, we’ll reenact the scenes with Squirtle and the ceramic Pikachu he gave me, as thanks . We’ll call the friend Squirt.


Squirt and Pika

You know that one friend who you always look forward to seeing? They could be any gender, and even if they are your preferred gender they’re the last person you’d want to date. And yet you feel so excited when you see them, or know that you’re going to see them.

That was how I’d best sum up how I felt about Squirt. We met out of the blue; literally, if you consider the fact that the Facebook logo is blue. And by met on Facebook, I mean he added me, I looked at his pics to see if I did indeed recognize him, and when I did recognize him as some dude in my classes, I accepted. We immediately got along, so much so that I declared him my “hug buddy” the day we first met offline. That was the same day I ran out of my house looking like MagiKARP, so I left the room for a moment to brush my hair. When I came back, Squirt was waving to me, but I didn’t realize he was waving to me. Hurp. We hugged it off. And so began my first huggle buddy.


Sensitive Squirt

One late night, some jerkface broke my heart. Squirt was the second person to find out. While I was waiting for the train, Squirt called me just to see if I was okay. He started making Pokemon noises, including “Squirtle! Squirt!” I laughed, and he said, “there, you’re smiling, that’s much better. :D” When I got home, he Skype called just to keep company, and even let me cry a bit more. He sent me the song, Don’t Wake Me by Skillet. (No, not Skrillex!) They’re currently one of my favourite bands, but I don’t like that song because of the negative memories associated with it. As a matter of fact, Squirt saw me through two different breakups. When someone’s still around and supports you, even when you’re at your lowest, you know that they’re worth keeping in your life.


Squirt Advice

What I admired most about Squirt was how he would always make time to listen to your problems, even though he had so many of his own. I was worried when another friend didn’t show up to class. I knew they’d been suffering a lot lately, so I was so upset and worried that the worst had happened. Squirt reassured me that everything was going to be okay; everyone is different, everyone handles sadness in their own way. Just because someone in their family had resorted to the worst, doesn’t mean they would follow suit. I guess Squirt had a better understanding of how these things work…

You could say that he was a rant receiver. Even if he had no idea who they were, he’d always listen when somebody made you upset. When jerkface broke up with yet ANOTHER girl, (who he’d moved on to shortly after breaking my heart) Squirt met that with an eyeroll and “oh yes, because I’m sure his options are sooo overwhelming.” Just goes to show that you don’t always need to have any life-changing advice. Many times, simply supporting your friend’s opinion and letting them vent is enough.



Squirt didn’t like poutine

About a year ago, a bunch of us gaim doevs went to Montreal for MIGS, and for dinner Squirt just got plain fries. IN MONTREAL. Who visits Montreal, or anywhere in Quebec for that matter, and DOESN’T EAT POUTINE at least once?! Squirt does, apparently! Of course if you asked him about it, he probably wouldn’t remember because he was drunk AF. Oh yeah, he was often drunk or high AF. The next morning, he left the opening conference ten times just to go throw up. I knew why he did those things, but it didn’t stop me from worrying. Whenever AyAyRon said Squirt wasn’t doing to well, my heart would break a little. I can’t quite describe the feelings for Squirt without giving the wrong idea. It was love, I know that, but not the romantic type. Au contraire, the thought of smexytimes with him felt weird. It was almost as though I were thinking of a brother, or another close family member. That’s the case with many of my doevs, despite what some of them with outrageous egos would have you believe.


……Pika? (……seriously?)

Squirt got Lost in the Mountains

In the winter, Squirt went on a trip into the mountains. Meanwhile, I made a special chocolates for my doevs, including him, and waited for my huggle buddy to come back home, so I could give him a big hug, and the chocolate. Let’s just say… Squirt came back, but my huggle buddy didn’t.

I’ve decided not to put Squirt’s picture here. I wanted to, because it’s my favourite picture of him; you can’t tell because of the quality, but he has very big, very blue “smiling” eyes. He looked so happy to receive the Squirtle doll. At the time, that was the most I’d everseen him smile. The picture was taken the night we had a final exam, and he brought Squirtle into the room with him. It was so cute. :3 I hope Squirtle will continue to help make his world plush.



Squirt, in the odd chance you’re sober enough to be reading this – I miss you, huggle buddy. I’m sorry if I acted weird around your lady, and I hope I’ll see you around campus this coming year. Maybe you won’t have to walk away from me this time. Hug.


Well, that was a load off. It feels good to type out how you’re feeling. Even better, I now have a cute Squirtle companion for the ceramic Pikachu that Squirt gave me, as thanks for his Squirtle plushie. I may not have been able to hold on to my Squirt huggle buddy, but at least Pika can hold on to Squirtle.

Baby Squirtle was made by me. Pattern for the other Squirtle in the above pic can be found at Wolfdreamer Off The Hook.


Squirtle is now on deviantART, along with other plushie endeavors.

Want a Squirtle of your own? Drop me a line on Etsy!

Do you have a special friend you miss right now? Comment below.

Pika, so happy~