Prepare for ALL The Things!

If I didn’t say it before, I’ll say it now: don’t get used to early posts. ūüėÄ *eeeeee* Also, this blog is presented with 50% fewer visuals.

This week has been nothing but work work work, plan plan plan. I meant to make another ami this week, but¬†this is as far as I got… can you guess who?


I was requested to make this for a family friend’s granddaughter. I also made two monkeys for her¬†a few years ago. She bought the yarn, and I used the yarn to make the monkeys: one boy, and one girl. I got to keep¬†the remaining yarn as payment. ūüôā Too bad I didn’t take pictures of them…

Can’t believe how much time was spent on the head alone. I think this is why I grew to like anime style: their “kawaii” mascots are often drawn with simpler shapes, whereas Western cartoon mascots are drawn with abstract shapes. Simple and clean, or crazy and unique? The choice is yours. Honestly,¬†I like both. I just prefer to make kawaii amis.

“Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle. But put me in summer and I’ll be a… happy snowman!”

Olaf’s song may not have been as catchy, but it’s also very cute and light-hearted.¬†I like both times of the year. Winter is a chance to stay indoors and make new outfits, and¬†summer is a chance to go outside and show off the outfits!

Speaking of outfits,¬†here’s a quick Anime North update:

Finally got a blue shirt. Colour is based off what I remembered from season 1, but I’m going for her season 3 outfit.¬†This is the image¬†I’m using for reference:

Haven’t started Appa purse, since I mainly spent this week working on Olaf and trying to come up with a solution for the costume¬†without spending too much money. Man, I regret cutting my hair…¬†Have also started a new series:¬†Nanatsu no Taizai. (Seven Deadly Sins) Reminds me of Fairy Tail. Thinking of making a present for birthday buddy, to say thank you for the AN ticket.

Oh yeah,¬†I won 2nd place in dA Knitters’ April 2015 contest!!!¬†Feels good to know Kirby is so well-received.¬†I’m pretty clueless about the whole “points” system on deviantART, so I’m not bothered about not placing first. Come to think of it, I’m not sure of the criteria they use to pick winners. The 1st and 3rd place submissions came from the same person! Maybe we were the only two who submitted anything? Maybe our things were closest to the original character designs? Maybe they were the cutest? Put in the most effort? Made up our own patterns rather than following a pre-written pattern? Either way, this was¬†a great way to end off my Sunday. ^_^ Sure could use some more vibrant colours in my deviations… any suggestions?

I’ve also updated the shop, for real this time. ^_^; Somebody please buy Kirby, he keeps eating my food… >_<

Here in Canada, we are currently celebrating Victoria Day weekend. Next weekend will have three special events:

a) one year since this blog first launched

b) first time at Anime North

c) me birfday.

In honour of this upcoming crazy weekend, I… er,¬†we… will be working on some special content to celebrate! Tune in next week for a special guest star~

Do you like warm hugs? Are you attending Anime North this year? What are you doing for the long weekend? Comment below!

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Master Ball – Amigurumi #21

Fat Master Ball is fat. I’ll have to take a better picture tomorrow, when natural light can show off the purple.


Humph. Not too thrilled with how the overall body turned out. Before stuffing it looked square and lumpy, unlike Kirby who was so nice and round. I knew I should’ve used Kirby’s body pattern…

Anyway, the master ball plush is the same size as Kirby.



I had a little assistance on this one, from¬†a wee little thing named Kailyn. (SP???) She helped sew a¬†pink spot and glue on the M. I must say, her sewing isn’t bad for¬†her first time. I just might keep this ball around for her to toss around next time she comes for practice.

Inspiration for this pattern came from Hey You, Pikachu! For those who don’t remember the N64 days, HYP was Nintendo’s attempt at incorporating vocal recognition into a game. As per the title, you would say a command into the special microphone, and Pikachu would respond. It kinda worked, and kinda didn’t. I once told Pika to use Thundershock, but instead it decided to dance. Apparently its dance skills were so bad that the treasure chest blew up. Nintendo logic!

HYP had a beach mini game in which you tossed around Pokeball beach balls. The master ball was worth the most points. Last week, Kailyn was tossing Kirby around like a volleyball. Kirby flew into the kitchen and landed on the dishes. Luckily the dishes were clean, and he was so soft that he bounced off safely. This reminded me of the volleyball game, and so the master volley ball was created.


Kailyn likes whales and hammerhead sharks. And then I casually mentioned¬†harpooning a whale and a hammerhead shark in Black Flag. She said, “aww I wanna see you harpoon a whale!” I’m confused about kids’ priorities nowadays…

I’m thinking of going shopping for some proper red yarn (Kirby’s feet were made with two thin red yarns held together) and re-trying the ball. Then I can add more things to my Etsy. Oh wait, I said I would add the fairies, didn’t I? Geez, get it together, me… I also have to make my costume for next month! ASDFGHJKL;’

What’s your favourite type of Pokeball? Would you play Poke volley ball? Comment below!

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Pink Snorlax and Some Pointless Thoughts

Edit: Pink Snorlax is complete!

I made it sit upright, so it could be propped up like a teddy bear. It’s hard to tell from these pictures, but I also¬†made¬†the ears more prominent.pinklax

A family friend saw the Snorlax pillow plush, and decided she wanted one for a baby girl. Three days, and an eternity with the blow dryer later, I now have material for this week’s post. It’s not finished yet, but I think you can get the idea.


 Updated pic!


Remember the episode when Ash caught Snorlax, after it was¬†eating all the grapefruits? I thought that was from the same episode with the pink Pokemon, but I’m clearly mashing the Orange Islands episodes together.

Image searches¬†for a pink Snorlax didn’t help too much, except for pictures of fat people¬†with the caption “A wild Snorlax appeared!” (Apparently in¬†Internet Land, this picture is still fresh and new…) And so, pink Snorlax with white belly appeared. I considered using black on the soles of the feet, but switched back to darker pink, to keep it looking sweet and soft for a baby.

I debated whether or not to make the tummy separate and stitch it on. That’s what I did last time: I made the body with a big “tummy hole” in the middle, so that I could wash the pieces prior to stuffing.¬†The yarn I use is very stiff, so it’s great for working. However it’s too rough for a baby’s delicate skin. I didn’t want to buy baby yarn because those yarns are very thin, and Snorlax would end up with too many odd holes where the stitches didn’t cover. And so when I finished working, I washed the¬†pieces before stuffing and stitching them together. This makes the plushie turn out nice and soft, but it sure was a headache to dry. Here is the tutorial I found, describing how to wash the yarn. This would also be a great idea for wool yarn, which shrinks and distorts in the washing machine:

Ah, there is enough yarn left to make the hat and scarf! Hairless Jigglypuff hat was also requested.

I can’t believe it’s already December… we only have 3.5 weeks left of the year 2014. That means we have 3.5 weeks to make up our New Year’s resolutions.¬†Looking at the two Snorlaxes together has given me one idea for a resolution. Obviously, it’s not a resolution to exercise and cut out junk food. XD

#selfie #besties

#selfie #besties #thisisnotinstagram #itsnoteventwitter #octothorpe

Updated Pic!

#selfie #besties #thisisnotinstagram #thisisnttwittereither #itsnotfacebookeither

#selfie #besties #thisisnotinstagram #thisisnttwittereither #itsnotfacebookeither

This coming week is my last week of classes. I hope that means there will be more interesting posts this holiday season. This past week, I made a new friend. We’ll call him Nick. He’s got an army of pigs that do stuff. Nick¬†is now Lila’s owner. The brownie below was delicious, albeit low on sugar. Oh sheep on the farm, that¬†texture was heavenly.

The pigs are eating the brownie, while Shoonie watches.

The pigs are eating the brownie, while Shoonie watches.

Have you thought of your New Year’s resolutions? What other alternate colour Pokemon would you like to see? Comment below!

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Snorlax Pillow Plushie – Amigurumi #13

Until now, my amis have all been fairly small. On average they are about 6″ (15.2 cm) tall, and fat enough to fill the palm of your hand. This is because I made them for my boys who are, well, boys! They feel weird being guys in their 20’s and owning¬†cute¬†plushies. (Though that doesn’t stop some of them from buying body pillows…)¬†Or they buy for their girlfriends and can only afford to pay so much. Christmas is a long ways away, so now’s the perfect time to get a head start on bigger, more expensive presents. My goal is to earn at least $100¬†more in plush sales by the end of 2014.

When it comes to presents, you can’t go wrong with something big and cuddly. Imagine cuddling up and taking a nap with this Snorlax:


Yes, I’ve made a Snorlax before. No, I haven’t made a pillow-sized one before. See comparison below.


Snorlax blocked the way to the best spot on the couch. But it was okay, because it made friends with the other plushies:


Comparison to a standard couch cushion, as well as Baymax and Squirtle.

Before anyone asks: no¬†I don’t plan on making this into a big bed. Although if it were bigger and made out of softer yarn, it might be cute as a baby cushion. I don’t plan on having kids any time soon, but maybe I’ll make a Baymax one for my future child to cuddle when they’re feeling sick. Hehe, see what I did there? ūüėõ

Now I’m off to go buy more stuffing. This one plushie ate up the whole bag!

Dear school: please leave me to do nothing but make plushies for one day. *sigh* It feels like these posts are getting shorter and shorter every week…

What other characters do you think would make great pillows? Comment below!

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Baymax (Big Hero 6) – Amigurumi #12

The best part about making plushies is that you never run out of ideas. As long as cute characters exist, you will always have inspiration and requests to make new things.


For instance, here is Baymax from¬†Big Hero 6, released in theaters this week. This was quite an adventure to make. First the body was too triangular, and then it was too round. At long last, I settled for this one-piece snowman thingy. Once it was stuffed, it looked much better. I also gave up on figuring out the fingers. If anyone asks, he’s a chibified version. ūüėõ I’m going to take Baymax to see himself on the big screen.

What could it be? Or "who?"

Who’s that Ami? It’s BAYMAX!

I was a little too excited to hear My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark during the trailer. And this clip was too adorable:

:confession bear: I’ve never been big into Western comics.¬†And no, I’m not including Archie Comics. But I do like the “comic book movies” they’ve put out in recent years. After all, comic book movies are designed for people who don’t read comics. (I’ll leave the details of that¬†argument to A¬†Dose of Buckley.) I don’t know what Baymax is like in the comic, but I like the way he is in the movie. It’s funny to watch him chasing the soccer ball. Hahaha, he’s too fat to catch it!


I think there’s a psychological reason behind it, but squishy things are well-received as popular characters. Case in point: Kirby, Jigglypuff, Olaf, Jake the Dog, and of course Baymax. They can bend, stretch, expand and contract. Maybe we subconsciously want to hug and squeeze them, and that’s why the squishier, the better.

If you are ever sad, talk to someone. If you don’t have anyone, hug something cuddly, like a puppy. (Or a plushie!) Will it make the bad things go away? Probably not. But¬†it helps.

"It is all right to cry."

“It is all right to cry.”

This Baymax was improvised by me. If you want your own, Vivi has a cute pattern for sale. It has fingers!

Are you going to see Big Hero 6? What do you like to cuddle when you’re sad? Comment below!

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Snorlax – Amigurumi #11

So I was about to do my Mandarin homework, when suddenly…

A wild Snorlax blocked my path!


“But lńÉoshńę, my Snorlax slept on my homework!” Unless the teacher asks why you didn’t have a Pokeflute, then you’re kinda screwed.

This was another pattern semi-inspired by Wolfdreamer. Her pattern is cute, but if I’m going to sell my own plushies they should be as much of my own creation as possible. I also didn’t like how the ears were sewn on; Snorlax’ ears were attached. I always remembered them being smoother, rather than detached at the bottom. I’m not sure how else to describe it, so here is the main reference I used for Snorlax:

I also hate sewing stuff on crochet/knit items, so I avoid it wherever possible. The colour I used is based off what I remember Snorlax looking like in the anime.


Some time ago,¬†the adorable Ginger and I were discussing Bree. Bree is his girlfriend, and she’s nice. When I made Ginger a Reptar-shaped chocolate, Bree came along. I didn’t have any chocolates for her, so I took the chocolate from Ginger and gave it to her.

Bree: “Oh, thank you!”

Ginger: “That was mine…. </3”

I don’t think Ginger remembers, since his head’s in the clouds most of the time.

This Snorlax is¬†just a prototype, so it’s super tiny just to get an idea of how to shape it later on. Ryan was being a bully about the lack of ears. WHAT LACK OF EARS? IT’S A PROTOTYPE DAMMIT!

Ahem….Bree, if you’re reading this, do you like it? Don’t worry, I’ll give your “Ginger” a discount. ūüėÄ The plan is to blow this Snorlax up into a nice, cuddly pillow. I’m thinking of making it a similar size to Altair Sackboy.

That ends this week’s post. I guess that means it’s time to get into Fall crafts.

Questions? Concerns? Like Snorlax? Want your own Snorlax? Comment below!

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