Big Kirby and Life Thoughts – Amigurumi #20

Update: Kirby is now complete, and available to purchase!


Last weekend’s non-existant post wasn’t the penguins’ fault this time; it was Kirby’s. He ate all the spaghetti!


Get a load of this guy, he hid his face so he wouldn’t look guilty. >: O But really, I just need to finish the face. Here is the comparison to the big Snorlax:


I’ve already made Kirby, using a pattern off Nerdigurumi. This one was made from a modified version of hers, using more stitches and double crochet. Since I gave that Kirby to East, here is a Bob-omb of that same size, for a better idea of this new Kirby:


Something about making big, cuddly plushies gives me a chance to have real thoughts. Or maybe it’s the fact that Kirby’s from Dreamland. Anyway, in light of a conversation I overheard, felt this would be appropriate.

I’ve decided to put University on hold. I need a break from the coding and coffee binges. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I want to create. I want to have fun. And I want to make the world plush. I can’t do that with the demands of Uni in the way. However, I’ve also decided to follow my old dream and take animation in college.

All this time I’ve been floating along in life, making excuses to put off this or that. Feeling out of place or incompetent because all around, people are graduating, having kids, having careers… Everyone cheers, saying “you’re so smart, all that programming is not easy,” “wow, you’re learning Mandarin?” “omg you’re so creative…”

I realized that those were all well and good… but they were only parts of what I had become. Somewhere along the lines, I forgot what I really, really wanted to do. Ever since I was a wee little thing, I’ve loved cartoons and animated movies. I’ve loved bright colours, funny animations, and lovable characters. How could I let people tell me that arts and animation were “not real jobs?” — hey, Kirby! Get away from that! It’s not even cooked yet!


Kirby is watching the chicken.

Today’s post will be short, so I can go cook the chicken before faceless Kirby eats it. I’ve been on a cooking kick lately… maybe I should start blogging about the dishes. 😛

What are your dreams? Have you ever made a decision to take a huge turn in life? Comment below!

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Pink Snorlax and Some Pointless Thoughts

Edit: Pink Snorlax is complete!

I made it sit upright, so it could be propped up like a teddy bear. It’s hard to tell from these pictures, but I also made the ears more prominent.pinklax

A family friend saw the Snorlax pillow plush, and decided she wanted one for a baby girl. Three days, and an eternity with the blow dryer later, I now have material for this week’s post. It’s not finished yet, but I think you can get the idea.


 Updated pic!


Remember the episode when Ash caught Snorlax, after it was eating all the grapefruits? I thought that was from the same episode with the pink Pokemon, but I’m clearly mashing the Orange Islands episodes together.

Image searches for a pink Snorlax didn’t help too much, except for pictures of fat people with the caption “A wild Snorlax appeared!” (Apparently in Internet Land, this picture is still fresh and new…) And so, pink Snorlax with white belly appeared. I considered using black on the soles of the feet, but switched back to darker pink, to keep it looking sweet and soft for a baby.

I debated whether or not to make the tummy separate and stitch it on. That’s what I did last time: I made the body with a big “tummy hole” in the middle, so that I could wash the pieces prior to stuffing. The yarn I use is very stiff, so it’s great for working. However it’s too rough for a baby’s delicate skin. I didn’t want to buy baby yarn because those yarns are very thin, and Snorlax would end up with too many odd holes where the stitches didn’t cover. And so when I finished working, I washed the pieces before stuffing and stitching them together. This makes the plushie turn out nice and soft, but it sure was a headache to dry. Here is the tutorial I found, describing how to wash the yarn. This would also be a great idea for wool yarn, which shrinks and distorts in the washing machine:

Ah, there is enough yarn left to make the hat and scarf! Hairless Jigglypuff hat was also requested.

I can’t believe it’s already December… we only have 3.5 weeks left of the year 2014. That means we have 3.5 weeks to make up our New Year’s resolutions. Looking at the two Snorlaxes together has given me one idea for a resolution. Obviously, it’s not a resolution to exercise and cut out junk food. XD

#selfie #besties

#selfie #besties #thisisnotinstagram #itsnoteventwitter #octothorpe

Updated Pic!

#selfie #besties #thisisnotinstagram #thisisnttwittereither #itsnotfacebookeither

#selfie #besties #thisisnotinstagram #thisisnttwittereither #itsnotfacebookeither

This coming week is my last week of classes. I hope that means there will be more interesting posts this holiday season. This past week, I made a new friend. We’ll call him Nick. He’s got an army of pigs that do stuff. Nick is now Lila’s owner. The brownie below was delicious, albeit low on sugar. Oh sheep on the farm, that texture was heavenly.

The pigs are eating the brownie, while Shoonie watches.

The pigs are eating the brownie, while Shoonie watches.

Have you thought of your New Year’s resolutions? What other alternate colour Pokemon would you like to see? Comment below!

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Snorlax Pillow Plushie – Amigurumi #13

Until now, my amis have all been fairly small. On average they are about 6″ (15.2 cm) tall, and fat enough to fill the palm of your hand. This is because I made them for my boys who are, well, boys! They feel weird being guys in their 20’s and owning cute plushies. (Though that doesn’t stop some of them from buying body pillows…) Or they buy for their girlfriends and can only afford to pay so much. Christmas is a long ways away, so now’s the perfect time to get a head start on bigger, more expensive presents. My goal is to earn at least $100 more in plush sales by the end of 2014.

When it comes to presents, you can’t go wrong with something big and cuddly. Imagine cuddling up and taking a nap with this Snorlax:


Yes, I’ve made a Snorlax before. No, I haven’t made a pillow-sized one before. See comparison below.


Snorlax blocked the way to the best spot on the couch. But it was okay, because it made friends with the other plushies:


Comparison to a standard couch cushion, as well as Baymax and Squirtle.

Before anyone asks: no I don’t plan on making this into a big bed. Although if it were bigger and made out of softer yarn, it might be cute as a baby cushion. I don’t plan on having kids any time soon, but maybe I’ll make a Baymax one for my future child to cuddle when they’re feeling sick. Hehe, see what I did there? 😛

Now I’m off to go buy more stuffing. This one plushie ate up the whole bag!

Dear school: please leave me to do nothing but make plushies for one day. *sigh* It feels like these posts are getting shorter and shorter every week…

What other characters do you think would make great pillows? Comment below!

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Etsy Shop Updates

I think I learned what checking “this post is super-awesome” does. It prevents WordPress from posting to Facebook. Pointless box is pointless. -_-


There aren’t any finished projects this week. Instead, let’s see what’s going on with Etsy.

After 8 weeks of uncertainty, Mr. Drippy finally arrived at his new home in Germany! I’m glad I got a chance to ship all the way to Germany; I never thought my first exposure could come from a whole ocean away! Sadly, it’s because of this long journey that I will not be shipping outside North America for a while. I will start selling internationally again once I’ve fully figured out this craziness with express shipping and tracking.

The important part right now is that the first sale is complete, and I now have confidence to add new items to the Etsy shop! Profits from Mr. Drippy will go towards paying the listing fees for new items.

You can also check out the shop page for updates. As always, if you see something you like that isn’t listed in the shop, comment below or contact me on Etsy, and we can work something out. ^_^

Big thanks to my first customer Malle, for being so patient. 🙂

And to everyone, whether you celebrate it this weekend or next month: from all 1 of us…er, me… at Pika Plushies, I wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of delicious food and enjoy time with your family. What are you thankful for this year?

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WIP it up, WIP it out, WIP it hard

It was a bad idea to have three projects going at once. At least, in terms of getting them finished. Here are the 3 projects I have going so far:


#1. Batman Hand Warmers

This is my first attempt at intarsia knitting. So far, it’s not very fun. Well, at least the hand warmer part was easy.

Samples of the final image. I'm going to make the first image, on the left.

Samples of the final image. I’m going to make the first image, on the left.


#2. Mega Snorlax plush

How appropriate, since the new Smash Bros was released today! Now you can relive how it feels to have the Snorlax assist trophy  jump out at you. Here is the body compared to the mini prototype from last week:


Body of the big Snorlax, vs. the prototype


#3. Charmander

This body is going to be the end of me. I’ve ranted on this in the Torchic blog; I’m torn between making the tail attached to the body, or just making the two separate and sewing on the underbelly. Until then, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Pictured: Head and (tail?)

Pictured: Head and (tail?)



Oh yeah, Hyrule Warriors is out…

I HAVE SCHOOL TO ATTEND AND A BUSINESS TO RUN, NINTENDO!!! Y U DO DIS?! Well, guess I’m writing my Christmas list early.


And so ends another short blog post. I’m beginning to think I should make the new posts on Saturday, but no promises yet. Which project are you most looking forward to see completed? Comment below!

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Snorlax – Amigurumi #11

So I was about to do my Mandarin homework, when suddenly…

A wild Snorlax blocked my path!


“But lăoshī, my Snorlax slept on my homework!” Unless the teacher asks why you didn’t have a Pokeflute, then you’re kinda screwed.

This was another pattern semi-inspired by Wolfdreamer. Her pattern is cute, but if I’m going to sell my own plushies they should be as much of my own creation as possible. I also didn’t like how the ears were sewn on; Snorlax’ ears were attached. I always remembered them being smoother, rather than detached at the bottom. I’m not sure how else to describe it, so here is the main reference I used for Snorlax:

I also hate sewing stuff on crochet/knit items, so I avoid it wherever possible. The colour I used is based off what I remember Snorlax looking like in the anime.


Some time ago, the adorable Ginger and I were discussing Bree. Bree is his girlfriend, and she’s nice. When I made Ginger a Reptar-shaped chocolate, Bree came along. I didn’t have any chocolates for her, so I took the chocolate from Ginger and gave it to her.

Bree: “Oh, thank you!”

Ginger: “That was mine…. </3”

I don’t think Ginger remembers, since his head’s in the clouds most of the time.

This Snorlax is just a prototype, so it’s super tiny just to get an idea of how to shape it later on. Ryan was being a bully about the lack of ears. WHAT LACK OF EARS? IT’S A PROTOTYPE DAMMIT!

Ahem….Bree, if you’re reading this, do you like it? Don’t worry, I’ll give your “Ginger” a discount. 😀 The plan is to blow this Snorlax up into a nice, cuddly pillow. I’m thinking of making it a similar size to Altair Sackboy.

That ends this week’s post. I guess that means it’s time to get into Fall crafts.

Questions? Concerns? Like Snorlax? Want your own Snorlax? Comment below!

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