2017 was a wonderful year. You got into college, moved out on your own, went to Anime North, went to FanExpo, and did it all with a fantastic Mad Hatter by your side.

You took a few financial risks this year: this included booking a hotel for Anime North, spending >$100 on winter boots, purchasing Megabus tickets to wonderland, and basically supporting yourself through college. What was that saying, about making omelettes by breaking a few eggs? Has it all been worthwhile?

You still need to work on your hesitation. While you made and sold a few neat things this year, you took your time with some of them. Have you improved at all in 2018? Have you kept up with at least making a Pokeball each month?

So far, you are doing well in college. Why didn’t we do this sooner?! No more 2 hour commute one way, no more incessant calls demanding you be home by 7:00, staying on campus to work… it’s swell, I tells ya, and that’s just the living portion! Though it would be nice to live in a place, where you don’t have to go to a different floor to cook.

You completed not one, but TWO 30 day drawing challenges! And you won a prize for the latest one! To answer your question from the end of 2016, there were some pretty neat things behind that curtain of uncertainty. You barely noticed the bad things, because you had so many awesome people to support you through them.

How are An, Toni, Isa, Juefei, and Aimz? Is everyone well? Are you all still friends? Did you and Isa find a new place together? Is Juefei still living with you? How are the others from res?

How is your Mad Hatter? Was this “the year?” If not, I hope you will continue to support him no matter what. There is still time.

Your blogs have gotten shorter, partly from laziness, and partly from business. You always thought it was intriguing, that business = busy + ness. How have we done, in terms of the crafting game? Make anything cool?

How was your first year in college? Thanks to that you-know-what, it feels like we’ve been in first sem forever… I hope you finished all your assignments. How did we do?

How was Valentine’s Day? Did you make a new outfit? Pics pls.

Did you make any new cosplay breakthroughs? Write anything cool? Try your hand at a new program, or style? I hear we’re going to use Toon Boom in second semester. Let me know how that goes! Did you make any cool 3D models? Any funny animations?

Where are you now? How are you spending New Year?

Did people finally stop eating Tide Pods? *cry cry cry weeping for the future*

Let’s try something new this year. Click here to see your first capsule. How much have things changed since¬†then?!¬†Comment in your response!

Pika, happy New Year~