Penguins – Amigurumi #14

Bonjour. Je m’appelle Monsieur Pingouin. Et voici ma petite soeur, Pinga. (Translation: Hello. My name is Mister Penguin. And this is my little sister, Pinga.)


On behalf of Val, we apologize for not posting the blog last week. Us penguins take a long time to type, because we don’t have fingers. Also I, M. Pingouin, like to speak odd words and phrases in French, because I am classy that way. Here is an idea of how small we are, compared to Val’s hand:


We had a fun week at school. My little sister and I moved to a new home.* We now live with Val’s friend, East. She gave us to him as payment for the dark chocolate donut. We also count as “penguin insurance.” Next time Val is hungry but does not have money, East can buy her food. 😛


Luckily, Val remembered to take a picture of the donut before eating the fancy details.


This is my cousin, Lila. She is a light purple penguin. She gets photo bombed a lot.

Oh Shoonie... XP

Oh Shoonie… XP

This is my other cousin, Shoonie. We call her Shoonie because she likes shoons.



A shoon is a spoon that looks like a shovel. She learned that from the video below. The video is also the reason why there are so many penguins here today. It’s also why Shoonie demanded that we, the penguins, write Val’s blog post for her. We need to take her away from DIY videos…

Here are Lila and Shoonie with their baby brother, Peck Peck. He doesn’t have a beak, but he still loves to peck. He went to one of Val’s group members, as payment for a bottle of Midol.*

Be well, little one. The Midol is worth it!

Be well, little one. The Midol is worth it!

*Val’s note: some penguins are looking for new HOMES! If you would like one for your bag, Christmas tree, or just a cute little friend to look at, message me on Etsy for more information. Merci pour votre patience ces semaines! (Thank you for your patience these weeks!)

Do you like to eat fish? Which do you prefer about sliding down ice bergs: the slide, or when you splash into the water? Comment below!

Pika, très hereuse~


Snorlax Pillow Plushie – Amigurumi #13

Until now, my amis have all been fairly small. On average they are about 6″ (15.2 cm) tall, and fat enough to fill the palm of your hand. This is because I made them for my boys who are, well, boys! They feel weird being guys in their 20’s and owning cute plushies. (Though that doesn’t stop some of them from buying body pillows…) Or they buy for their girlfriends and can only afford to pay so much. Christmas is a long ways away, so now’s the perfect time to get a head start on bigger, more expensive presents. My goal is to earn at least $100 more in plush sales by the end of 2014.

When it comes to presents, you can’t go wrong with something big and cuddly. Imagine cuddling up and taking a nap with this Snorlax:


Yes, I’ve made a Snorlax before. No, I haven’t made a pillow-sized one before. See comparison below.


Snorlax blocked the way to the best spot on the couch. But it was okay, because it made friends with the other plushies:


Comparison to a standard couch cushion, as well as Baymax and Squirtle.

Before anyone asks: no I don’t plan on making this into a big bed. Although if it were bigger and made out of softer yarn, it might be cute as a baby cushion. I don’t plan on having kids any time soon, but maybe I’ll make a Baymax one for my future child to cuddle when they’re feeling sick. Hehe, see what I did there? 😛

Now I’m off to go buy more stuffing. This one plushie ate up the whole bag!

Dear school: please leave me to do nothing but make plushies for one day. *sigh* It feels like these posts are getting shorter and shorter every week…

What other characters do you think would make great pillows? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~

Baymax (Big Hero 6) – Amigurumi #12

The best part about making plushies is that you never run out of ideas. As long as cute characters exist, you will always have inspiration and requests to make new things.


For instance, here is Baymax from Big Hero 6, released in theaters this week. This was quite an adventure to make. First the body was too triangular, and then it was too round. At long last, I settled for this one-piece snowman thingy. Once it was stuffed, it looked much better. I also gave up on figuring out the fingers. If anyone asks, he’s a chibified version. 😛 I’m going to take Baymax to see himself on the big screen.

What could it be? Or "who?"

Who’s that Ami? It’s BAYMAX!

I was a little too excited to hear My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark during the trailer. And this clip was too adorable:

:confession bear: I’ve never been big into Western comics. And no, I’m not including Archie Comics. But I do like the “comic book movies” they’ve put out in recent years. After all, comic book movies are designed for people who don’t read comics. (I’ll leave the details of that argument to A Dose of Buckley.) I don’t know what Baymax is like in the comic, but I like the way he is in the movie. It’s funny to watch him chasing the soccer ball. Hahaha, he’s too fat to catch it!


I think there’s a psychological reason behind it, but squishy things are well-received as popular characters. Case in point: Kirby, Jigglypuff, Olaf, Jake the Dog, and of course Baymax. They can bend, stretch, expand and contract. Maybe we subconsciously want to hug and squeeze them, and that’s why the squishier, the better.

If you are ever sad, talk to someone. If you don’t have anyone, hug something cuddly, like a puppy. (Or a plushie!) Will it make the bad things go away? Probably not. But it helps.

"It is all right to cry."

“It is all right to cry.”

This Baymax was improvised by me. If you want your own, Vivi has a cute pattern for sale. It has fingers!

Are you going to see Big Hero 6? What do you like to cuddle when you’re sad? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~