Corrine (Tales of Symphonia) – Amigurumi #36

At long last!


This is Corrine, Sheena’s first summon spirit from one of my childhood favourite games, Tales of Symphonia.


Corrine as seen in the anime

Although he has only 3 – 4 lines of VO in the English release, Corrine was a crucial part of Sheena’s character, who sacrifices himself to protect her from a an attack by the summon spirit, Volt. It is thanks to his sacrifice that Sheena overcomes her fear of failure and losing her friends, and finally forms the pact with Volt. If you can’t get your hands on a copy of the original game, you can watch the clip from the anime, which did a much better job of expressing the emotion around Corrine’s sacrifice. I highly recommend watching the full animated series, which focused on creating emotional connections to the characters, rather than just generalizing their backstories to suit the overall theme.

Corrine’s body is made using a modified version of Wolfdreamer’s Umbreon plushie. The Umbreon I made from this pattern was confused.


DSC_0465The tails took a lot more fiddling than anticipated. I was originally going to make a long rope, as with the pretzel plushie, and roll them up to look like curly tails. After factoring in the colour changes, I realized this would not look smooth. And so, I tweaked it… and that didn’t work, either. In the end, I went with the “pretzel” method, by making a long rope and coiling each tail into place. The hair was made using the method from a previous blog post, except I just brushed strands until they fluffed.

As you can tell from the photo, Corrine can’t stand up properly, due to the added weight of his tails. It causes him to sit on his haunches. By the time Anime North arrives, Corrine will have his bell accessory.

Today, I took Corrine to the park for a photoshoot. *cough* And to place Pokemon at the gym, now that Valor’s been kicked out *cough* #teamMystic *cough* *sneeze* Hm, I seem to have gotten allergies from the flowers.


Purple Flower



Paying respects




New Friend


For those who read the last blog, Anime North is less than 2 days away! And yes, Corrine will be attending. Look for him wandering about Vendor’s Alley, getting inspiration for future posts. If you are attending for the first time, read up my post from a few years ago about preparation, and what to expect. And yes, I will be blogging during the con, so if you have a cool handmade prop or costume, come over and say hello!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my friends, family, and of course the fans who wished me happy birthday! Yes, I moved another year closer to 30, but I don’t feel older at all. Age really does become a number after 22. In fact, I’d like to think my life is only beginning. And I hope that you, dear readers, will continue to follow me on this journey of plushies, puddings, and cuteness.

What are you looking forward to this weekend? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~

Pikachu Card Holder/Wallet – DIY #10

Pika… I’m just a Pika on a wallet.


Shoonie turned 18 on April Fool’s day. I still remember going to visit 3 days after she was born, and now she’s going to start college in a few more months. (;w;)

If there’s one thing I can recommend to a prospective college student, it’s to keep a wallet or card holder on your person at all times. (That is, if you don’t already) Along with your student ID card, you will need to carry your bus pass/driver’s license, health card, points cards, and debit card, to name a few. And as you get closer to graduation, it’s nice to create and keep a business card with your information on it, to hand out at job fairs.

This project was inspired by a Pika phone case Shoonie made for me years ago, back when I was about to graduate high school. Sadly, the case was too small for my clunky LG Neon. Said phone up and snuffed itself out about a year later. Good riddance.

Now it’s 8 years later, and both Shoonie and I have come quite a ways since our beginning years in crafts and design. I decided to make this as a tribute to how far she’s come.

The initial design for the wallet included a few slits for card holders, a clear window for a photo ID, and a pocket for cash money. Kind of like this, but with a photo ID window instead of the zippered change pocket. To make the ID window, I took inspiration from one of Yumi King’s past tutorials. And you know that Rilakkuma = YASSS.

Then, I gathered the materials needed:



1 sheet yellow fabric

Scraps of dark brown, red, and black fabric

White 3D paint pot

Needle and matching threads


measuring tape

seam ripper

clear ziploc bags

money and cards (for reference)

Pencil and paper


…and promptly decided that the scope was too great. As you can tell from the lighting, it was very late at night, and we had to travel to Shoon Land the next morning. After much hesitation and deliberation, I decided to just duplicate my own basic cardholder. The outside would be a Pika face and tail, while the inside would resemble a 3DS. I made a paper prototype:

I cut a 10 x 13 cm rectangle, and two 5.6 x 5 cm rectangles. The “dip” in the center is meant to make it easier to slide your cards in and out of the holder. The small rectangle on the right was meant to become a tail for Pika’s backside, but decided it would only cover the stripes on the back.


In the end, it wasn’t as all-in-one as planned, nor did it have the fancy 3DS detail on the inside. But it does what it’s supposed to do. And look, it holds $18!


Overall, I have quite a ways to go in terms of my felt/needlepoint skills. Attach11638_20170425_165436Luckily, the upcoming month’s project will grant plenty of time to work on that…

Watch out for this at the end of the month, along with a plushie to go with!

Have you tried making a wallet/purse before? If so, what did you use? What were the results? Comment below!

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Cookie Cat (Steven Universe) – Amigurumi #35

Okay, so it’s actually a felt-gurumi. But with the ami rut I’ve been in lately, this is still a suitable friend for your tummy, and super duper yummy!


Well okay, I wouldn’t recommend eating this. If you want one that actually awakens your gem powers, you’ll have to go to Nerdy Nummies.

I don’t release knitting and crochet patterns, but I never said anything about felt patterns. ;3 Feet free to follow along with my somewhat-coherent instructions on how to make your own Cookie Cat plushie!


What I used:

DSC_02431 sheet each of dark brown, light pink, and white felt


Sewing needle

Matching pink, white, and brown thread

Polyfill stuffing

Paper and pencil

*Optional: someone to Skype with while working


First, make your pattern. I folded the paper in half, and eyeballed a half-cookie cat shape on the fold. Cut out the shape, open it up, and use it to trace and cut out two ‘cookies’ on the brown felt.


For the front piece, fold one of the cookies in half, and draw a circle for the eye. Pinch the piece in the center of the eye, and make a snip so your scissors can go through. Cut out the eye through both layers. Unfold everything, trimming as you go. You should have two eyes like this:


For the strawberry ice cream, fold your pattern in half again, and use this to trace two pieces from the pink felt. Do the same for the vanilla ice cream, using white felt. Then, place all the pieces together, and trim off about 1 mm around the edges. This will make the cookie ‘hang’ over the edges of the ice cream, just like in the show.

To make the sides of the ice cream, I used a scrap of thread to measure the outer perimeter of the ice cream pieces. This takes me back to grade 3, where we learned to use string to measure the perimeter of irregular shapes. Simply align the thread along the side of the ice cream from point A to point B, (see image) and measure this length against a ruler. I’m quite proud of my fine motor skills lately; this perimeter measured exactly 15.5 cm! I added 0.5 mm for seam allowance, and decided I wanted the sandwich to be no more than 2 cm thick. (It would shrink while sewing) Therefore I cut a pink strip, and a white strip, that were 16 cm x 2 cm.


Sew the strips onto their respective ice creams using their matching threads, and a blanket stitch. I find it was best to begin each stitch by inserting the needle into the strip, and sewing the needle up through the flat face. You should have two “pouches:” one strawberry, and one vanilla.


DSC_0277Sew these pouches together using a hemming stitch. (At least, I think that’s what it’s called. Mine turned out a lot more visible than this…) Basically, you weave the needle under the fabric, on an angle, and pull up. This creates horizontal stitches that hold the two pieces together, while allowing them to remain flat. Do not sew all the way around! Remember, we need a hole to place the stuffing. Once you’ve added enough stuffing to help the plushie hold its shape, go ahead and sew it up.


When you’re finished, it should look something like this.

Now, begin to assemble the Cookie Cat. Remember, strawberry goes under the right eye, and vanilla goes under the left eye. At this point, I realized that not only did I have the wrong coloured brown thread, but the cookies looked way too flat. And so I decided to cut two more identical cookies (one extra front, and one extra back) and layer them on top of the first cookies.

Sew the first cookie layers onto the ice cream using a… hm. I’m not sure what this stitch is called. It reminds me of a modified running stitch. You insert the needle from the top, through the cookie, and through the bottom of a stitch on the ice cream. Then, you re-insert the needle into the cookie only, from underneath. I’m not sure how to describe this… see the images below for an example.

Sigh. This is why I don’t post tutorials. (.-.)

Anyway, once you have your cookies secured, use a blanket stitch to sew the second layers to your cookies, and you’re finished!



Final verdict:

It’s very time consuming to hand sew all the pieces together, but it’s totally worth it in the end. Cookie Cat is best served on a plate, along with a smiling popsicle. Even if it’s not yet warm enough outside, there’s never a wrong time to enjoy a delicious ice cream sandwich.


What other felt-gurumis should we try? Should we try an amigurumi version next? Comment below!

Pika, so hungry~

Wrap Skirt tutorial and Valentine’s Nonsense – DIY #9

So I done goofed. This year was not my first Valentine’s Day in 3 years. It was actually my first in 4 years! And what a day it was: I went to the winter wonderland up in the countryside, where the Mad Hatter and the white rabbit were waiting. We decided to stay in, dress up, and have a home cooked dinner.

The Mad Hatter’s trademark colours are red and black, and I wanted to match his outfit. Since red is a nice Valentine’s Day colour, I chose to make a red outfit. Unfortunately, I didn’t own any red dresses, and there was no way I was going to drop $40 on a new dress I’d only wear once. I did, however, find a red t-shirt that fit fairly snug, and thought it would make a cute cutout top. How about, I thought, we cut the top, and make a detatchable skirt, like the one April made.

And then I started looking through videos, and found this video about a convertible skirt. These skirts are similar to the infinity dress, which can be worn in many different ways. So I thought about making a similar one; it’s basically a wrap skirt that goes around twice, with a keyhole in the center of the band to accound for the extra wrap.

But then, a whole bunch of things went wrong…

  • I bought sheer ribbon, thinking it would work. It did not.
  • I found the perfect red fabric, but not the perfect complementary fabric.
  • Logo removal methods didn’t work on the shirt.


So here is the final decision on the outfit. First, we will make the skirt. Note: this is not a formal pattern. If anything, it’s an experimental blog. Now let’s dive in!

dsc_0100Materials :

Fabric of your choice


Sewing machine

Matching thread

dsc_0102Step 1: Measure the fabric around your waist. It should be enough to wrap around twice. When in doubt, round up. Remember, it’s easier to take in a garment, than to let it out.

My measurement is about 30 inches (76 cm) around. So the minimum amount of fabric I need is 76 x 2 = 152 cm, or 1.52 m. To be on the safe side, I bought 2 meters of fabric.

dsc_0103This is where I started to fail… I bought satin. ($4/m) Satin is delicate, frays easily, and shows mistakes. You can try ripping out seams, but the holes where the needle pierced it will show through. In the future, I will use jersey, or a soft knit fabric that doesn’t fray and show holes. It’s a good thing I bought extra, because a lot of the selvage ends had to be sheared to remove stray fibers.

Step 2: Make the band.

Decide how wide you want your band. I want mine to be about 2.5 inches (5 cm) plus half an inch for seam allowance. So the width of the fabric I cut was (2.5 + 0.5) x 2 = (3) x 2 = 6 inches. Hooray for BEDMAS!

As for the length, I just used the length of the remaining fabric. Each cutout strap was 6″ (15.24 cm) x 2 m. You can adjust the length of the straps later.


*Looking back on this project, step 4 was unnecessary. I think I meant to sandwich the top of the skirt between the two pieces, and cut it open so I could roll the hems? I don’t remember.

Step 3: Attach the skirt to the band.

Yeah. I got lazy and just sewed it on flat, as thought it were a ribbon. To ensure the skirt fit me properly, and to give it a bit more body, I made rough pleats with my fingers to gather any excess fabric. Below, I’ve pinned a ribbon, to give you an idea of where the strap was sewn. (I forgot to take a picture of this step. >_< )


Step 4: make a keyhole in the center of the belt. Glue the edges of the keyhole so it doesn’t fray.

To determine where the keyhole should go, I held one end of the skirt, wrapped it around my waist once, and marked the position where the belt crossed.

Instead of hemming the skirt, I treated the raw edges with FrayCheck, to keep them from unraveling. This helps maintain the flowiness of the fabric, and saves on thread.

Finished! Sigh… Perhaps in the future I’ll revamp this skirt, into an easier-to-follow pattern. More like Fail-entine’s Day, amirite? ^_^….’_’… T_T

Here is the final product, side by side with my Mad Hatter’s dashing suit. He said it looked good, but I know I can make something better. I paired this outfit with the heart earrings from last week’s blog, and black stockings.


Date not included. Perhaps one day, I’ll make another skirt like this.


Hm… I should’ve made this much shorter. I think I’ll refashion it into a wrap dress.

dsc_0131For the top, I took a fitted red T-shirt I no longer cared about, and cut a square neckline. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remove the logo on the front, so I ended up cutting a low back. Yikes! This low back, plus the square neckline, meant the top couldn’t stay up on its own. So instead, I opted for a technique I used in a Pikachu costume way back when, and wove a ribbon in the back. This created a cute lace-up back. I hope I’ll get more chances to wear this style in the future.

I tried to curl my pigtails, but they failed miserably. Do you ever get that? Like, you’ll be putting on eyeliner and one eye will be Beyonce, and the other side will be Jay-Z? Or one side of you is original, and the other side rips off jokes from iiSuperwomanii?


Strawberry Rose

After getting dressed, the Mad Hatter took me by the hand, and opened the door. We sat beside each other and ate spaghetti with bacon alfredo sauce. Yes, we tried the Lady and the Tramp thing. We decided it’s best left to doggies, who can make anything look cute.

We made the fondue after we finished eating, so it would be fresh. In the past, Shoonie and I have made chocolate cups by melting chocolate, painting containers with the melted chocolate, and letting them harden. The chocolate fondue stayed nice and liquid for a long time by comparison. We dipped strawberries, marshmallows, bananas, and even bacon! The bacon was sweet and salty, aka delicious. But the bananas were still my favourite.
Spaghetti: $0.99
Butter: $2.99
Whipping Cream: $3.69
Parmesan cheese: $3.00

Chocolate Chips: $3.69
Strawberries: $2.00
Bananas: $0.59/lb x 2 = $1.18
Bacon: $5.00
Marshmallows: $3.69

Fabric: $4/m x 2 = $8.00
Ribbon: $1.25

Megabus tickets: $70

Time spent with the Mad Hatter: Priceless

The moral of the story is, you don’t need lots of money to have fun. All you need is good friends, good food, and good times. Here is my belated present to you, dear readers: an entry from this month’s 30 Day Challenge.

Day 17.JPG

How was your week? Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Friends’ Day? Cousins’ Day? Write midterms? How do you like to celebrate? Comment below!

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Pixel Art: Heart Earrings – DIY #8

Why wear your heart on your sleeve, when you can wear it on your ears?


These earrings ended up looking like raspberries. So I’m calling them “raspberry hearts,” like in that one song from DDR. As you can see, they look better from a distance.

I’ve been staying in the Winter Wonderland this weekend, to spend Valentine’s day with Top Hat. We are going to stay in, dress up nice, and eat a candlelit, homecooked dinner. I’m going to wear a red dress, but couldn’t find matching accessories or jewellery. And so two nights ago, I made these with materials provided by Mother Top Hat, and earring hooks that were hiding in my bag from the Muffet earrings. Here is what I used:

dsc_0146Beading needles

Fine beading cord

Earring hooks


This pixel heart, as a guide. 

*The scissors became useless, after I learned that the pliers had built-in wire cutters.


I started out with a length of wire that was the length of my forearm, and 5 beads to start the center chain. There must be a proper name for it, but I call it “weaving.” Basically, you string the 5 beads as normal, then use one end of the string to weave back and forth between them, creating a sturdy chain.

I personally prefer to use polyester sewing thread, because it doesn’t curl back on itself as much, and it lays completely flat and doesn’t kink. Beggars can’t be choosers, of course, not to mention this cord is sturdier and doesn’t show between beads as much.

When working pixel bead art, start from the middle, and work one side at a time. This will keep you from getting confused, and causing the work to twist. It also helps if you sort out your beads ahead of time. This way you can determine which ones are too tight for your needle. If they can’t handle the eye of a needle, they won’t be able to handle the bundles of cord created by weaving. I got the Mad Hatter to do this step for me… after he woke up from his couch cat nap.

dsc_0153Another thing I suggest is to work beside someone motivational. Sometimes the best way to work isn’t to work with them, but to work alongside them. What I mean is, do your own thing, but do it in proximity to one another. I kept struggling and breaking beads while sitting alone. It wasn’t until the Mad Hatter finally came to sit with me, that I made progress. This is also a good way to spend time together, while still doing nothing at all… if that makes any sense.

Whether you have a date for Valentine’s Day or not, this is a cute project to make. You can wear them, give them to your girlfriend, or give them to your best friend tomorrow, for Friends’ Day.

To attach the hooks, I wove the remaining ends until they both stuck out of the top center. Then I just tied them to the hook, and snipped any excess cord.

Tonight, The Mad Hatter and I are going to have a nice date. I’m going to wear these earrings with a red outfit. Stay tuned this weekend, to hear about our date, and a DIY for the outfit! Meanwhile, enjoy today’s entry for the 30 day art challenge. Click the image to see the rest of this month’s submissions!


Enter a caption

Food is a universal language. Whether you have a Valentine, are just celebrating with friends, or you have exams to worry about, take time today to share a meal with someone. Meals taste better when shared.

From all of us at Pika’s Penguin Production Company, have a safe and happy Valentine’s day, and don’t forget to brush your teeth tonight!

Pika, so happy~

How to Make Amigurumi “Fluffy”

Figures: first new blog post, is posted over a month into the new year.

So I’ve finished Yuri!!! On Ice, started Fukigen na Mononokean, (The Morose Mononokean) and finished applications for Seneca, and Durham College. By the time you read this, a new 30 day art challenge will be underway. I guess that means we have time to make a blog post before that! Let’s kick off the new blog year with a how-to style blog. This week’s question: how does one make amigurumi “fluffy?”

You might recall the fluffy tail on Bunny. Today, we’re going to use the same method to make an entire ami fluffy.

dsc_0022You need:


Metal pet brush (Slicker brush)


dsc_0019First, create all the pieces you will need. I’m making a pink bunny. She shall be called Rosie. I made her using Red Heart: Super Saver yarn. Make all the pieces as you normally would. Don’t sew them together yet.

dsc_0021Take your slicker brush and brush all over the pieces in short strokes. I brushed about 10 times in one spot.

Hm… This didn’t working out the way I expected. Bunny’s tail looks super fluffy, like a little cotton ball. Rosie’s body, on the other hand, just looks like an ordinary ami with fuzzy hairs sticking out all over the place. She also looks a lot bigger than Bunny. Perhaps I could argue sexual dimorphism?

Here is the finished product:


“Now all he needs is a drum and sunglasses.” – Father Raichu. #dadjokes

After doing a bit of research, it turns out that the quality of your yarn, can affect the fluffiness of the ami. I used Red Heart: Super Saver for Rosie, and Patons: Astra for Bunny. Astra is a thinner weight yarn, making it more susceptible to stray fibres. It also feels nice and soft to the touch. Super Saver is a value brand yarn, best used for sturdy projects that require a lot of body.

Tips for fluffy amis:

Check the gauge of the yarn.

The gauge on the Astra yarn recommends using a 4mm (size 6/G) crochet hook. I used my trusty H hook (5 mm) which is bigger than the recommended gauge, and therefore provided a strong, yet loose stitch. Super Saver, on the other hand, has a whopping recommended size of 6 mm (size 10/J). This meant that the stitches made with the H hook would be tighter, as if they needed to be tighter.

On that note: for the last time, knitting and crochet are not the same thing.

Just because a label recommends a 5mm knitting needle, doesn’t mean that a 5mm crochet hook will produce the same result. A single knit stitch is made up of one loop, while crochet stitches are made of two loops, with an additional loop on top to secure them together. Did you know that crochet uses up 3 times as much yarn as knitting? This is why!

I may not post tutorials on this blog, but let it be known that I’ve taught my readers something new this year. *puts on professor hat*

What else shall we post in the new year? Are there any other plushies, or themed crafts you want to see? Comment below!

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In Response to the 2015 Capsule

Happy New Year, 2017!

Once again, I wrote about things that happened by the end of 2015, and had it posted on the last day of 2016. Now, let’s see what happened in 2016.

Click here to read the capsule from the end of 2014.

Greetings from 2015! Another year has come and gone. With the success of your 2014 time capsule, it’s only right to make one for this year, as well. Although this blog was written on January 3, 2016, it only encompasses the dates between December 31, 2014, and December 31, 2015. Please comment as you see fit!


You can’t remember the first half of 2015 very well, since it was pretty meh. You made the decision to take a semester off school to clear your head, and in the process found a part time job to help earn your keep. Plushies have been put on hold for the most part, in favour of learning to cook new dishes from scratch. Your current signature dish is chicken “stoup,” as dubbed by Shoony this New Year’s Eve.

This is a recurring attitude for me; the year starts off slowly, something terrible occurs, but then it picks up in time to end happily. Kind of like a movie. Dunno if I’d recommend watching it.

Your cooking continues to improve, if I do say so myself! You made chicken stoup again this year, and you just might have figured out how to keep it looking creamy and white, without compromising flavour. You’re getting better at this roux business.


Chicken Pot Pie Soup, with a side of Shoony finger

The semester you spent in school was not a waste, of course! You studied Mandarin Chinese, discovered a new interest in video editing, and made a cutscene for your Demo Reel Development class. The latter is your first step towards completing your game project. That’s good! Next stop, the prototype. Expect to graduate in 2017; better late than never.

I’d like to think that school is never a waste. If you actually learn something useful, then you’ve got your money’s worth. Who wants to spend $40,000 on a piece of paper that you’ll never use? I mean, getting a fancy degree, just to sit behind a desk and fill out spreadsheets? That may be fine for some people, but what about the people who would rather work with their hands, and create things? What about the people who would rather travel abroad, volunteering their time to literally make the world a better place? There are jobs and careers out there besides doctor, lawyer, and accountant. In fact, I’ll leave this here for you, and anyone else who needs to see it. (Source: Facebook)


Sadly, this year was not a good year for your game project. During the first half of the year, you lost sight of this goal. Your passion for game development waned, and suddenly all you ever did was go to class, and work your job. (The latter of which you began to resent, as well) It wasn’t until October, that you regained passion enough to at least redraw your webcomic. Let the cringey old stuff remain lost to the depths of the internet forever.

Your first Anime North was great! You went with your birthday buddy, and you cosplayed Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Sadly you didn’t stay long, due to exhaustion, and the fact that your cosplay was derpy at best. Assuming you do return this year, you were considering cosplaying either Sheena from Tales of Symphonia, or Oliver from Ni no Kuni. Hopefully, you’ll run into more people you know.

You didn’t attend Anime North this year. You simply forgot it was happening! XD; Sigh. I don’t think you’ll ever get used to this “adulting” thing. There are plans to attend this year, hopefully with the newlywedded Kitty and Bear. 😀

Tay moved away this year, but you still say hello now and then. You two spent a day together in the summer, and you sent him a Sadaharu plushie after he moved. Thanks to him, you got back into anime, and even found a couple new series to watch. Don’t forget, once he gets his own place, he owes you a sweet snack! Ginger is still as adorable as always, and you continue to pray for his good health. As a matter of fact, you were talking to him moments ago! Conversely, you haven’t spoken to East much since he graduated this year. He’s keeping busy busy, working on everything and stopping for nothing. Whatever that means.

You haven’t spoken to Tay much this year, if at all. He still owes you that snack, of course! And you’ve stayed into anime, thanks to your new friend Cassie. ^_^ As of writing this response, you’ve just watched the first two episodes of Yuri on Ice. It’s pretty good! You could’ve stood to watch a lot more anime this year, but you watched a lot of Doctor Who, which is just as good. 😀

Ginger continues to be adorable, and by the grace of God he is well again. Or at least, as well as he could possibly get. He was there for you during a particularly difficult time, which we will discuss later.

Aburr is doing well, too. Thanks to his suggestion, you can now eat all the creme brulee and real-cream ice cream you want, and not get those horrendous gassy episodes. *pause here to let Shoonie sing her famous song* XD; You got to hang out with him in person twice this year, which is more than you can say for Ginger. ( ; w ; ) Gingy! If you’re reading this, come playyyy!

As far as the blog and crafts go, you entered and won a couple contests on DeviantArt, and you may have earned some fans among Shoony’s friends.😛 You succeeded in making two more giant plushies: Kirby, and a Master Ball. This year was focused on crafts, particularly sewing and decorative desserts. If anything, you’ll make a good housewife, right? Ha! Ha! Ha!

You didn’t enter many plushie contests this year; not many took place that really piqued your interest. You did, however, become more familiar with beading. Your first “profesh” project was a pair of earrings shaped like Muffet from Undertale. You’ve also decided to leave the fancy dessert deco to Shoonie: Just look at the cake she made for Christmas this year! Sigh… can you believe she’s graduating high school in the coming year? Seems only yesterday, that she was a little ball of energy running around. ;w;


*heavy breathing*

As for being a housewife, to quote you at Top Hat’s place earlier this year, “NO HATCHING EGGS YET, NO!!!”

Speaking of which, you met someone very special this year. We’ll call him M. You met him while visiting Top Hat, and your first words to M were, “hi! Do you taste good? :3” He likes Magic: The Gathering, Doctor Who, cheese, and eating pasta raw. His personality can be described as quirky, silly, nerdy, and cute. He’s also quite keen on you learning to play Magic.

You two had your first official date on July 29, first kiss on August 8, and became “official” on September 1. That means as of writing this blog, you’ve been official for 4 months. Not to mention, he’s convinced you to start watching Doctor Who! Kitty and Brandon seem to like him, as well. This Christmas, you rode the VIA rail train for the first time, and had an “actual” Christmas dinner with his family. (The kids’ table is a thing! People really do bake stuffing inside the turkey! You thought these things only happened on TV!) Maybe things can work, maybe you can make it to an anniversary…
I really didn’t want to get my hopes up by asking this, since we know how things can come crashing down at a moment’s notice: are you two still together? It would be really nice if you are. If not, well like I said last year, you’re hottest at 25, so he’s totally missing out.😛

You and M didn’t last very long in the end. Yet you’ve managed to maintain friendly contact, which I think is a sign of maturity. Besides, you’ve found someone else. Someone who encourages your creative hobbies, and helped you get back into interests you completely forgot about. And who’da thought that person was right there all along…

Now, it’s time for a checklist of goals, and things I’m looking forward to in the coming year:

  1. Game: Making a playable prototype.
  2. Animation: lots more of it.
  3. School: finally passing “that course.”
  4. NaNoWriMo: actually complete it this time.
  5. Plushies: complete at least one per month, even if it’s just a small thing, or not even my own pattern.
  6. M: our first anniversary.
  7. Friends: Introducing more of them to M, and attending Kitty’s wedding! =O
  8. Anime North: attending for the second time.

Well, 2016 Pika? How’d we do? What do you think of your 2015 self? Comment in your next response!

Sigh. What a depressing list. I’ve only completed…1? Maybe 2 of the things on the list? Let’s see how many plushies we’ve made this year:

Napstablook (March 12, 2016)

Umbreon (September 17, 2016)

Korilakkuma (September 25, 2016)

Strawberries (October 2, 2016)

Bunny (December 18, 2016)

That’s 5/12 plushies. Yeah…um… I’ve completed 1 thing, on the list of 8.

No. I don’t want you to think for a second, that 2016 was a waste.

Recently, you were playing Pokemon: Sun, and you caught a Skarmory at long last. Genius that you are, you didn’t bother plugging in, and your battery ran out before you remembered to save. But when you booted up the game again, you caught a shiny Minior, and you caught a Skarmory much easier. Sure you failed the first time, but that just made you further appreciate the good things that happened in its place.

Sure, you didn’t work on a game prototype or animation, but that just left you with more time to get back into drawing.

Sure, you didn’t finish NaNoWriMo, but you wrote 10,000 words. That’s at least 10,000 more than you wrote last year!

Sure, you didn’t make a plushie a month, but that gave you time to make other cool blog posts. You got back into pixel art, and have since found other uses for it. And the plushies you did make were special:

Napstablook went to Dan, as a spirit animal. You were used to seeing him as a sulky, antisocial guy. So it was a treat to see him swoon over “Blookie~”

Umbreon went with you to your first FanExpo. Here, you met Kitty’s friend Amy, saw Charles Martinet and Alex Kingston in person, chatted with a fellow “kawaii krafter,” and bought your first poster after 10+ years. Not to mention, Umbreon had a grand time finding itself. Literally.

Korilakkuma finally exists! Now Rilakkuma is not lonely, and he doesn’t crash into walls with his eyes closed anymore. The two of them together, symbolizes Kitty and Bear’s wedding, and the other, very special event that occurred that same weekend. :3

And the strawberries! The chocolate covered strawberry might be one of your most popular plushies to date. You made this while your house was the fullest it’s ever been.

Bunny was your latest, and most special ami this year.

And sure, you didn’t last with M. But if you were still with M, you wouldn’t have had a chance with the Mad Hatter. You wouldn’t have noticed that he had blue eyes. You wouldn’t have gotten to meet his wonderful family. And you would never have been able to learn proper beading techniques, travel on your own for more than one night, or become a cat mediator.


Kitty on the right was ripping threads out of my pants. ;w;

So if anything else, the resolution this year is to appreciate the good things that spring from bad things. Just as ripe, fresh vegetables thrive in gardens filled with manure, so too must we endure the bad, if we want to enjoy the good. At least, that’s what I believe.

This year, I’m going to write down, or at least printing out goals. I find it’s easier, and a lot more motivational to have a tangible checklist. Now, on to writing the time capsule for January 1 – December 31, 2016.

Have you stuck to any resolutions from 2016? Have you made resolutions for 2017? Comment below!

Pika, happy new year~