Mini Top Hat – Amigurumi #29

Top Hat’s birthday was last week. Since I was going to Oshawa (Peck Peck: “–T!”) that week, I made him this little present: a hat for his sheep.


This hat was quick and easy to make. I had to change up how I usually work the shaping: instead of stitching through both loops, I worked through the bars. This gives the hat its cylindrical shape, rather than a rounded shape.


As the name implies, Top Hat is known for the top hat he always wears. He’s also known for his sheep plushies. (Peck Peck: “Ewww, that sheep’s so creepy looking!”)


Actually, Top Hat introduced me to M. I went to visit him one day, (with Huggie Buddy’s permission, of course) and it just so happened that his cute roommate joined us in the fun. Top Hat made us bacon, and French toast with cinnamon and maple syrup. We played board games, and watched Galaxy Quest. When I was leaving, M looked sad. I gave them both hugs, and stayed an extra 15 minutes chatting with them at the door.

This top hat inspired me to make additional sheepie hats. How about a fez, and matching bowtie?

And best of all, the hats are not just for sheep.


What other hats would you like to see? Have you tried making hats for your plushies? Comment below!

Pika, so happy ~

Luna and Artemis (Sailor Moon) – Amigurumi #28

October has been a quiet month here at Pika’s Penguin Production Company. It’s incredible how you can go from an entire summer of free time, to a whirlwind of commitments in the fall. According to my neglected deviantArt account, Deku Link won second place in dAKnitters’ July¬†contest! I may have mentioned this in the past, but well… everything’s happening all at once. So yay! Second place once again! ūüėÄ

So now that we’re back in action, what’s happening today? Well of course… KITTIES! And not just any kitties: (faceless)¬†sailor kitties.


Waiting for Shoonie to take them to their new home.

Time to let the cats out of the bag.

Time to let the cats out of the bag.

These kitties were made as a request for Shoonie’s friend, who also requested Navi and the Deku. Would you believe our luck: the Raichus (my parents) went through my Pika Cave (room) and threw stuff into plastic bags. And guess what else ended up getting tossed in there? Naturally, I found them moments after Shoonie went home.



Click for Laure’s Instagram page

These kitties are now at their new home. They were modelled after the designs from Instagram user Laure Lafey. From what I gather, she uses a lighter yarn and smaller hook, which allows for fine details and small plushies. I use thick yarn and a standard H (0.5 cm) hook, which works well for my heavy-duty, less detailed, chibified designs. For more crocheted cuteness, feel free to visit her page at laurelefay.

I’m in my 20’s, and you will rarely find a girl my age who doesn’t say Sailor Moon was her childhood. I am one of those rare girls; Sailor Moon was one of those shows you watched just to fit in with your best friend. It grew on me after a while, (the Pure Heart¬†story arc was my favourite, for some reason) and I would recreate a lot of the episodes with my Barbie dolls. Sometime’s I’d make up my own episodes. But like many childhood favourites, the show ended and we grew up. By the time¬†Sailor Moon Crystal came out, my¬†interest faded. Crystal¬†looks nicer, but that’s about it. We all know the story, we all know the characters, and it doesn’t add much else to make this show “fresh.” But on the plus side, at least it’s easier for the new generation to get into it, right?

I’ve received requests to make additional kitty plushies on Etsy. Here is a sample of what the customer asked for. (Original source unknown) :

Original source: Unknown

Original source: Unknown

What did I do for Halloween this year, you ask? I worked at my part time job. This was the first year of being a childless adult on Halloween. Not sure how I feel about it. Maybe one day, I can write a list of annoying things about working in retail.

Do you/have you watched Sailor Moon? Do you prefer cats or dogs? What did you do for Halloween? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~