Master Ball – Amigurumi #21

Fat Master Ball is fat. I’ll have to take a better picture tomorrow, when natural light can show off the purple.


Humph. Not too thrilled with how the overall body turned out. Before stuffing it looked square and lumpy, unlike Kirby who was so nice and round. I knew I should’ve used Kirby’s body pattern…

Anyway, the master ball plush is the same size as Kirby.



I had a little assistance on this one, from a wee little thing named Kailyn. (SP???) She helped sew a pink spot and glue on the M. I must say, her sewing isn’t bad for her first time. I just might keep this ball around for her to toss around next time she comes for practice.

Inspiration for this pattern came from Hey You, Pikachu! For those who don’t remember the N64 days, HYP was Nintendo’s attempt at incorporating vocal recognition into a game. As per the title, you would say a command into the special microphone, and Pikachu would respond. It kinda worked, and kinda didn’t. I once told Pika to use Thundershock, but instead it decided to dance. Apparently its dance skills were so bad that the treasure chest blew up. Nintendo logic!

HYP had a beach mini game in which you tossed around Pokeball beach balls. The master ball was worth the most points. Last week, Kailyn was tossing Kirby around like a volleyball. Kirby flew into the kitchen and landed on the dishes. Luckily the dishes were clean, and he was so soft that he bounced off safely. This reminded me of the volleyball game, and so the master volley ball was created.


Kailyn likes whales and hammerhead sharks. And then I casually mentioned harpooning a whale and a hammerhead shark in Black Flag. She said, “aww I wanna see you harpoon a whale!” I’m confused about kids’ priorities nowadays…

I’m thinking of going shopping for some proper red yarn (Kirby’s feet were made with two thin red yarns held together) and re-trying the ball. Then I can add more things to my Etsy. Oh wait, I said I would add the fairies, didn’t I? Geez, get it together, me… I also have to make my costume for next month! ASDFGHJKL;’

What’s your favourite type of Pokeball? Would you play Poke volley ball? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~

Candy Kit Review – Cake

I nearly forgot about this segment. Since this week was spent wrapping up final assignments, this will work until I actually make more plushies.

Here’s another candy kit: cake!


Kracie Poppin’ Cookin’ Cake

Brand: Kracie

Price: $7.00 at Sweet Tooth Candy Emporium

The name is pretty self explanatory. In this kit, you get 5 different packets: 2 for the cake, (it’s a two-layer cake) one for white icing, one for the strawberry icing, and one for the strawberry jellies. You also get chocolate (…I think…) covered rice krispie balls and a piping bag, for decorating. No shoons or torks, just a plain spoon. Oh well…


Click for tutorial


Directions for box kits are a little more complicated than the plastic bag kits. I think it’s due to the fact that you can open the package without ripping it in half. *cough* So first, you have to prepare the cake. This required microwaving… yay, microwave plastic. I put it in for 30 seconds at first, since our microwave is pretty strong. It still wasn’t set though, so I put it in for 20 more seconds.

Shoonie and Peck Peck were downstairs while I was microwaving, so they were lucky they weren’t exposed to this. (I’m such a good cousin and sister) Oh man, not only did the cakes shrink, but when I opened the microwave door they smelled like…

*eeeeeee* Censored!

finished-cakeThe icing and jelly prep were pretty easy, and it’s all shown in the video so I won’t go through it here. I will say, however, that our finished product looked rather cute.

The taste test was another story… You know that feeling when something smells so strong, that it gets stuck in your nose and you can almost taste it? Well that describes the cake pretty well. ;w;

I met someone a few days later. The first picture he saw on my Facebook wall, was a picture of me saying the cake smelled like farts. *puts on music* I’m so classy~ (8)


Overall Verdict

Difficulty: 5/10

This kit was a lot more involved, and I liked how you had to actually “bake” the cake in the microwave. I think this was meant for slightly older kids who have more time and patience to follow instructions. Not much in the way of creativity, except for decorating the cake. And even that is nothing special; as much as they left it open for you to get creative and try your own patterns, in the end you pretty much end up imitating the box.

Taste: 4/10

I was very generous, but only because the white icing tasted like whipped topping and the strawberry gummies were tasty. Together, they tasted like strawberry trio treat. The rice krispie things were okay, but as I’ve said in the picture mentioned above, Japan needs to step up its chocolate game. For a country that gets so creative with its KitKat bars, even I expected a bit better. The krispies were a small part of the kit, so I’ll be nice.

Overall verdict: 5/10 would recommend, as long as you don’t mind turning your microwave into a non-literal dutch oven.

This was definitely fun to make, and it’s fun to watch your friends reacting to the taste of the cake. Problem is, you might not enjoy eating it yourself… or smelling it. ;w;

And that’s that for this kit review. I’ll leave this picture here as a hint for a possible future post.


Have you tried this kit? What did you think? What other kits would you recommend? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~

Big Kirby and Life Thoughts – Amigurumi #20

Update: Kirby is now complete, and available to purchase!


Last weekend’s non-existant post wasn’t the penguins’ fault this time; it was Kirby’s. He ate all the spaghetti!


Get a load of this guy, he hid his face so he wouldn’t look guilty. >: O But really, I just need to finish the face. Here is the comparison to the big Snorlax:


I’ve already made Kirby, using a pattern off Nerdigurumi. This one was made from a modified version of hers, using more stitches and double crochet. Since I gave that Kirby to East, here is a Bob-omb of that same size, for a better idea of this new Kirby:


Something about making big, cuddly plushies gives me a chance to have real thoughts. Or maybe it’s the fact that Kirby’s from Dreamland. Anyway, in light of a conversation I overheard, felt this would be appropriate.

I’ve decided to put University on hold. I need a break from the coding and coffee binges. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I want to create. I want to have fun. And I want to make the world plush. I can’t do that with the demands of Uni in the way. However, I’ve also decided to follow my old dream and take animation in college.

All this time I’ve been floating along in life, making excuses to put off this or that. Feeling out of place or incompetent because all around, people are graduating, having kids, having careers… Everyone cheers, saying “you’re so smart, all that programming is not easy,” “wow, you’re learning Mandarin?” “omg you’re so creative…”

I realized that those were all well and good… but they were only parts of what I had become. Somewhere along the lines, I forgot what I really, really wanted to do. Ever since I was a wee little thing, I’ve loved cartoons and animated movies. I’ve loved bright colours, funny animations, and lovable characters. How could I let people tell me that arts and animation were “not real jobs?” — hey, Kirby! Get away from that! It’s not even cooked yet!


Kirby is watching the chicken.

Today’s post will be short, so I can go cook the chicken before faceless Kirby eats it. I’ve been on a cooking kick lately… maybe I should start blogging about the dishes. 😛

What are your dreams? Have you ever made a decision to take a huge turn in life? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~

Spaghetti – Amigurumi #19

In honor of my biggest fan’s birthday today, I’m going to share my recipe for spaghetti.



Pasta sauce



A plate



Step 1: Place your noodles on the plate. I like mine fully cooked, but al dente works fine, too.


Step 2: Add your sauce. Or the blood of your enemies; again, spaghetti doesn’t discriminate.


Step 3: Add your meatballs. They can be any colour. Be like spaghetti: don’t discriminate.


Step 4: Garnish with cheese.


Finished! Oh man, doesn’t that look righteous? Now all that’s left to do is dig in. I recommend you eat this with chopsticks. No traditional utensils here, this ain’t traditional spaghetti. In fact, this spaghetti is so far from traditional that it doesn’t discriminate.


…April fools! =D

But in all seriousness, it is Shoonie’s sweet 16th birthday today. Yes, she is the real life April Fool. XP

From all the fiends and real life Peck Peck, happy birthday Shoonie and see you on Sunday! Here’s a Kirby dance for you:
<(‘ ‘<) ^(‘ ‘)^ (>’ ‘)> v(‘ ‘)v

Pika, happy birthday~