Popplio – Amigurumi #49

*The following plush also appears on @pikainabag

Meet my son, Popplio.

I made this Popplio circa December of this past year. It went on hold while I fiddled with ways to make its eyes. And then I picked up felting needles and stabbed fluff repeatedly into its head. It kind of worked.

I would give this Popplio a 7/10. In future iterations, I would make the snout broader at the base, and make the ears longer. And maybe the flippers should be a row or two longer.

The eyes are very fuzzy. Maybe if they were hand washed, they would lay flat?

As you may remember, Popplio received a lot of hate when the Alola starters were announced. But when I lifted Popplio gently into my arms, I knew I wanted him to be my son.

And my son, he was. His attack stats aren’t too strong, but his defense is off the charts. Basically, Popplio is a tank.

And look at its final evolution. LOOK AT IT. ABSORB THE FABULOUSNESS.

My son went to school with me, to help alleviate a bit of crunch time stress.

He found my one friend’s drawing of (Eevee?) and Jolteon.

And then he found a macaron. But wait…so did Mimikyu!

They bonded over their love of macarons. And now, Popplio and Mimikyu are friends.

Popplio and Mimikyu came to the annual demo reel screening on Thursday. People seemed to like mine. Do you? (Click here to watch)

Despite watching the demo reels on Thursday, the semester is not over yet! And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go finish the remaining assignments. There will still be a blog post next week, but it will be scheduled ahead of time. (This post was, too.) Whew… we’re getting to Easter, and despite how insane school has gotten, I’ve managed to blog each week since the beginning of Lent! I would say that I have accomplished my Lenten promise. Now, can I accomplish my academic promises????

Which Pokemon is next? Comment below!

Pika, so happy~

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